Going to add up some of my strange occurrences. The Honeywell furnace HVAC communication Alerts I keep getting by the dozens in my email account telling me that our heater is not hooked up outside blah blah blah blah blah did the workmen does nothing about when he comes ; they are all bullshit. Period. Now I know I get one every time I post something here or anywhere, leading me to believe that they are really notifications for my posts and things. . Everything in my life is fictitious and fake including my boobs ha ha at least I’m honest about that everything else has been city isn’t hiding deceiving me all along.. what could have Pushed so many people ( like 6) into doing such a thing harassing and targeting one lone female? Greed.. money.. My narcissistic stalker happens to also have money and be a big businessman in Chicago I guess he will always be a problem to me.. only wish it I was imagining all of this or that I was crazy, I could take a pill and boom it would be better! I’m tired of conspiracies that are in fact realities..

Nothing to do today; guess I’ll sit around n medicate
I am so fricking bored
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