Wasted Days

Well here is a crazy story .. which keeps occurring now at a level of ridiculousnesses with rigorous redundancy; but I have to tell it to you finally . Whoever has been hacking me for so long .. maybe hacking isn’t the appropriate word.. (stalking, terrorizing, ” fucking with “, etc) has now begun to delve into my elderly veteran roommates accounts as well . He asked me to check his bank the other day and I did . Right away I noticed that Comcast had just withdrew 500.00$ from his account . I asked him and , of course he didn’t authorize it so this enabled me the opportunity to waste my entire day ( again) sitting around on hold while I talked to Indian outsourced bank rep after bank rep, reverifying myself again and again to no end . Periodically I’d say.. “ Yes I’m calling for Mr W.. I’m his caregiver and he is also on the line, upon which time Jon would speak up, giving me permission to speak about his account, etc.
I was luckier then other days ; I only spent about 10 minutes on the phone before I got help. I began explaining the charge I wanted to dispute to them with a lackluster and revognizeable dread-of-life tone apparent in my voice. No pretend commiseration this time, but he did say he seen where I disputed a charge from last month and updated us that he was about to get that money refunded finally, who was this one from? The same company I said , perplexed. I felt that if they had seen where we had disputed a charge from the same said company last month why would they think it was OK this month to charge double the amount? But oh well whatever and I said yes. But here is the clincher ……, they had no record of today’s nefarious charge on their end at the bank. It was only showing up on our home computer: it didn’t actually exist legitimately… his money wasn’t missing ; they had not taken his money. Someone just enabled our computer to show that faux bullshit and typed it in specifically for my viewing pleasure and hassle . This is a prime example of who fucks with me and how they fuck with me. Also every day he has to reset the password for his bank account to even log on , because it does not recognize him and says device is a new device even though it’s the same old dinosaur of a computer he’s had every day and we must do a last /reset password. Becomes monotonous scrolling through the long list of numbers he has in there for the actual one he has now ( when I suggest he remove all the old ones he angrily waves this off actuall dismissing my suggestion with a wave of his hand.. and I’m like oh WOW. Trying to minimize the opportunities for his accounts to be accessed because it affords me nothing but problems but he’s not interested in that, I think he likes to hassle me with it lol …. usually when I am extremely busy with my own dealings. If I do not jump and run to do it; he will become impatient and call them anyway, but trash talking me.. WTF?? Fuck my life . Wish I could actually get paid for my caregiver job by the govt .. but no and that’s another story.

Wooly woo!!

so I’ve been noticing repeated phrases of names all over in my FAKE CONTAINED ONLINE ENVIRONMENTS I.e: tumblr,twitter,FB.. so I googled these names and they are all chsrscters to games.. now I doubt they have anything to do with me but here they are. No.. I take that back.. they DO have something to do with me. This girl Audrea who is staying here kept telling me the story is about her life with her ex-husband which were all bogus every one of them was a scene or situation out of Minecraft. One time she had me come running to look at a check on her dog oh my god that was about the bug spray shit I posted yesterday remember? So I don’t know what is up with these games or what not but anyway here they are ;..

Piglet stickers

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