Mysterious stuff relating to my Mystery

I wonder where my money went that I would would spend on legitimate apps in the play store went.. or who took it .. great Scott!
You know what’s really buggy? My room? My bathroom!! There are large Madagascan type cockroaches that come up from God knows where ( cuz the drains are blocked off) instead of being Leary ( as bugs are) they practically leap with Joy onto me giving me a heart attack nearly . They always run without fear and jump onto me! Is that even real?? Take the many posts & comments on YouTube concerning worms in addition( mentioned in comments) and the bags of dirt left on my step and porch regularly and well.. you have a haunting picture of torture and harassment !

Concerning the dubious repetition of names and terms that whoever is hacking me uses repeatedly across many platforms .. it’s like they are bragging or showing off about their harassment of me and are leaving me clues .. I remember all of the things all of the “fake friends” said to me as well. Contrary to popular belief, I remember everything. Despite the time people spent trying to make me think that I have no memory whatsoever or I’m not to be believed. The redundant use of names, also hoping to confuse my memory of them , I do believe . The names on Caleb’s Facebook would switch up constantly as I recall . Bobby Farber would be Farber McCliskey tomorrow and etc.. constantly switching names of friends for seemingly no reason but to confuse.. like I wouldn’t notice that Preston Hoover was now Kirby Hoover.. The names still haunt me to this day.. aud ball, Ed ball, tech sky, Preston hoover, calor, taylor. preston hoover, Stacy baumbgardner, Rebecca McCloskey,Ashley Koch, jack kemp . . I recently made a new Facebook account to see what was going on with the site and nothing has changed. True to the style of the days with Caleb I had such friends now as Tech Sky, and so on n on. For some reason there’s always been an incredibly large group of Nigerians on there which I think are actually people right here in Tucson just using the international page to make accounts. I’m screenshot in his post and everything in it so when it is horribly misspelled and everything tomorrow I’ll be able to verify that.

I remember Caleb’s phone when he came “ home” a few years ago before getting the “jaywalking “ ticket . On his phone he was signed in as a black person .. as Yusef Louis.. the little rescue dog I have these days came with that name , louie. man I hate people ! Either the hacker is an incredibly bored person who has been hacking me for so long as to know EVERYTHING about me like a true STALKER, or he is in fact ( and always has been) Caleb, whom is currently , to my knowledge anyway, missing . That’s right. Why would your long term boyfriend of seven years go to prison under nefarious circumstances and spend the entirety of his sentence in constant contact with you then get out and make no attempt to contact you AT ALL.. knowing you were alone and waiting, expectant, heartbroken and forlorn? After 7 years of being together . Suppose the phones are blocked somehow . Why would he not email or stop the hell by? Why make you wait and worry while whoever is hacking you makes multiple daily posts on many forums imitating this illusive BF, saying many random hurtful things and seemingly involving a large group of people.. getting them all involved in talking about you and making fun of you and then post memes and gifs referring to suicide? Moreover, I’ve had someone more or less give me detailed instructions on how to carry this off in person . It was obvious and I thought holyfuck! I’ve kept that quiet for so long and it’s just now that I’m even mentioning it. Because I am out raged and indignant! I abhor/ hate all you people ( or maybe just one.. it’s hard to tell as I’m not a hacker) for what you’ve put me through ; but especially the one who made it all possible ! MAtt Schwartz. Man maybe I’ve been a fool being loyal and missing and grieving for an actor and a player that I was in a seven year relationship with whom just got out and disappeared without contacting me at all. Maybe he was involved the whole time and is hiding away somewhere really close, laughing with his real girlfriend and helping perpetrate all the cruel harassment and exploitation of me . Somehow I don’t think so because several months ago I found letters from him and his handwriting. Strangely mailed from states such as Mississippi containing money but nothing else. You would want to think you knew someone you spent several years with and wee loved by them. Then again maybe we’re an actor just like all the stupid ones in your life now, just far better than the current ones .. Drew n his car dying ( and mine missing ) his cat Marley ( code word for Caleb) though I knew the whole time.. damn his butthole licking cat.. OH AND THE WORM REFERENCES ELUDING TO ME ON MY YOU TUBE: coincidentally, all my animals have worms now . Worms haha dirt, worms, bugs , fake yawns omg n FU Larry ! . What

Drew who is a current friend/actor (suspected) Took off with my car once for three daysAnd then left It abandoned in a parking lot at Starbucks( haha Caleb’s Facebook used to have thousands of references to coffee on it) Tell me some story about how he fell asleep and someone stole the keys. When I did arrive with his mother and a locksmith There was a degenerate random looking jerk standing there to tell me that he knew my friend and he knew who took my car keys. Waving his hand in the direction of the locksmith as if to dismiss him, He said forget him that’s too expensive come with me and I’ll take you to where that guy is, I bet he’ll only charge you half as much to give you the keys back. I don’t have time to elaborate right now but this situation has happened to me over and over again during the past seven years of my life.. which has been filled with nothing but constant car thrfts and lame attempt at money extortion. True to form currently right now I have no car whatsoever.. Because .. you said it .. it was stolen again !! Wow , that makes three this year. I can’t afford another one. Geez, you think somebody would do something about this! As it is I always want to make this big report and write down all this information and it ends up disappearing or people in my life scare me with the idea of putting me in jail for something or other and make me afraid to talk to the police or my recent experiences with what I strongly suspect to be fake police ( via phone) have put me off .

One time I called the police station to check on my car that had been stolen and gave them the police report number and they said they had no record whatsoever of me ever placing this car as stolen and in fact , that was not even how they issued report numbers. Wtf?

I just wrote another entire paragraph here and spelled checked it like an anal retentive person and hit update and the entire paragraph disappeared never to be found again ! It was not in drafts or anywhere else to be found IM so tired of this crap.. someone suggest something or comment or do something or any level of significance so I can at least rest in the comfort of knowing you read my miserably misspelled and dramatically altered posts and think I am an illiterate idiot , at least!!! 😦 I know if I were really on the internet, as much as I post to link around the odds of not one person commenting ever whatsoever on anything (even when I include racy selfies) is unrealistic. In fact I’d take a VOTE on it like I suspect they are doing on the real website I try to see containing information about me but can’t as I’m always redirected to some cover site..:( to my horror other sites I visit and get the right sight; I am horrified later to see it was actually another dirty unmentionable site, only layered and covered up with a phony site!! I see this by throwing my history or with zoomed out screenshots .. that camera rigging can be used two ways sssholes !

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