Oh you fools

Oh you fools there are a rules and I am coming for you. Darkness breeds evil things let the reckoning begin I tried to warn you but you were a child. I told you not to get lost in the wild. Lord/Lake Huron haha

Top photo is my “friend” “ Drew” I’m draw ing a blank…

I hate these new morph and combine apps.. Making it possible for your tormentor to make two photos together and seriously fuck with your mind all day because you’re looking at a picture of somebody swear you know what you’ve never seen before would you have purchased a different pieces

1 + 2= Scott x

Once when I was with Audreas At some Jack’s guys trailer , ( which is down the road from my house but on a dirt road somehow surrounded by 10 million cars.. )Anyway this creepy guy came talking about koh Road, koh road..

And it was remembering this today which help me find out exactly what I’ve been poisoned with: my face and my muscles and my nerves being like they are. ! Google koh road. It’s an eye opener!! For that matter, I should’ve known that When I took what is face To Home Depot for his gold making cleaner. It makes gold all right. And for that matter.. I wonder what Koch means , like Caleb’s old Facebook friend Ashley Koch. Oh the fools people have made of me.. guess what? Seasons change!!! Autumn is not coming in this year!! , Jewish gold. I wonder if Drew really thought he could keep playing those disgusting $uicideBoy$ songs in front of me and singing those hateful lyrics And that I would not catch on to everything he was whispering and see the hate in between his seething lines and not feel it was angled towards me. And I took his mother to pictured rocks to the food shelter she tried to tell me , like she was saying in forgetful manner, that his name was Sheldon .. lol … That’s because they’re all well aware of the searches I do on my phone constantly try to find out ppls real names.. lol refer to a sexual predator number four on my list of photos above . They do that because they’re all well aware of the searches I do on my phone constantly trying to find out. How else would they know I did those searches and try to screw up my manner of thinking with false information for hacker to know what I did in my spare time on the privacy of my own phone , right? Speaking of old Facebook people I remember everyone of those people like Stacy Bumgardner

Proof of what I’ve inexplicably suffered many times until now.. app setting videos at 0
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