Solar Panel /Enphase Tragedy

Well there’s never a dull moment around here, I must admit. If all the hacking/stalking bullsh$t doesn’t keep me busy, ( which it invariably does), something else does!! I’ve always plenty of stuff to worry about , like what’s pictured in these images. Our solar panels are so screwed up, so inoperable that I fear my dear old veteran roommate got scammed. He ordered them last year ; they have never been activated or turned on. People, various illusive operators have called us several times ( after exhaustive searches done by us ) and told us they were NOW turned on .. Once a man even showed up and told us they were “ working now” after five minutes of screwing around outside . However after weeks more of time passes by and our electric bill continues to climb , we find out they are not. We tried to get a hold of the company who installed them and after many frustrating phone calls found out they were out of business . The company, originally Solar Solotions , changed names about 15 times since then. After many more frustrating phone calls ; I was able to get a hold of another company who came out ; and after five minutes of screwing around with the box they then came in and told us ,” OK you’re all good !! You’ll really start to save money now!!” Then they literally turned around and ran out of here.
Fast forward three or four weeks and we find out from another company that our solar panels are not activated and have NEVER been !! still. !! Mind you my 79 year old vet is making payments to KeyBank in Ohio for these solar panels which don’t work and havent worked !! AND if he dares miss one payment they call and give him holy hell I mean those ladies are downright vicious and they will argue you to death ON any point. They will not back down and remind me of some boxers or schnauzers… guard dog boxers running up on your heel with their mug sticking out , snarling and ready to bite. They do not listen to you ; they do not offer help or suggestions; they have only one concern: and that is “where is your payment?”…. no matter if your equipment is working or not they feel that you should be paying this payment no matter what. You can hear it in their voice when you tell them thwhile they’re not working why should I be paying? They’re the ones who got the workmen out here who spent five minutes doing nothing and coaxed another couple thousand dollars of payments from him, so now we are back there again ( stupid square 1 or 2 I can’t remember) and we’re going to abstain from payment again and see what happens this time … maybe they’ll send someone who actually does something other than prevaricate . It’s not like we can call up the original company who installed them and asked for services because they went out of business and changed names so many times they are literally impossible to find.

Here are the images of our recent solar panel activity I found buried in his email (he never checks). You can see for yourself it’s all bullshit; zero activity.. veterans being scammed here people!! Mind you our electricity bill has doubled since installation of the solar panels and we are now paying over $300 a month for electricity IN ADDITION to the solar panel payments with the vicious guard dog secretaries calling and barking if it’s even a day late. They offer no solutions only become argumentative with a veteran and insist we should be paying anyway. You have got to be kidding me !!! There has got to be someone I can talk to .. I keep writing these government agencies for fraud and/or veteran abuse to address it and I never hear back from them …. I think I’m not getting a hold of anybody… in fact I kind of know it now.

Whoever is hacking me and doing all sorts of things; including changing all of my text to make my writing misspelled and appearing to be written by a drunk 10 year old with dyslexia is also Probably the person interfering with our ability to receive emails from companies that we write, as well as calls and anything else. Someone is doing so many fictitious in fraudulent activities and our accounts and there is nothing I can do to stop it except right these articles, I wanna go back to check up on them there are horribly misspelled and chopped apart as if I am an illiterate drunk or something and have no credibility whatsoever. For instance this post right here; which I just checked and found it to be in the same condition. I can’t fix it all entirely because someone removed windows on my brand new computer, So I’m having to operate solely from my phone.. But look at this notification I received it shows clearly that someone else is altering what I write to make me appear stupid