What are some of the behavioral strategies if ABA..

elf- evaluate and, perhaps, correct itself-toward establishing optimal, high-quality services. For example, “How much compliance is too much compliance ; Is long-term ABA therapy abuse?” They extensively  criticized the discipline and practice of ABA, accusing the field and its practicing professionals of unethical behavior, support of punishment, failure to be effective , promoting psychological abuse and trauma, ignoring individuals, the promoting of learned helplessness, and the destruction of internal motivation.

258077 ABA is unethical and abusive

 ABA therapy also rewards/ teaches a person to hide their pain and distress, and rewards them for “fitting in” to neurotypical norms. Masking, which most of us do for decades, or an entire lifetime, often leads to poor mental health and increased suicidality. Research on trauma, sensory sensitivities, and the effectiveness of ABA therapy is below.

“After repeated cycles of ABA; a person begins to develop PTSD because the neurotypical BCBA is focused on the function of behavior and the compliance of the subject, and not what they are communicating with their behavior.”  Amy Grant from the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective