What’s it called?

Chronic Fear arising from condition of isolated captive living . I knew it solely from my intuition.. last year I had the premonitinions! I tried to look for literature about this parental control feature that was inhibiting me online … I needed to back up my preconceptions but as I am in a “walled garden “and cannot SEE ANTTHING REAL ON THE INTERNET.. only read fake Facebook or Twitter posts seemingly ALL MAKING FUN Of ME Or saying or doing something to hurt me terribly.. no longer do I read the stories with familiar names and photos altered with the app that lets you mix two faces.. so they put one of the missing Caleb ones with another random face and posted them all over my timeline .. you know having him directly talking shot about me or loving it up with some other girl ! Do you have any idea the psychological TORTURE I HAVE ENDURES THIS PAST YEAR? I w ould like to say every workmen cable guy/satellite guy I had to the house to help me .. Thanks for being a liar and thanks for being an actor and thanks for not even being with the company represented and we really had Files bitches