Op/Beep Boop/circuit overload attempted accident /Stephanie/Popeye pt 1

I told you about the hacking etc that’s going on in my life, but not much else except for the car thefts. I don’t have much time right now as it’s way past my bedtime; but I will lightly outline it for you to give you a general idea( not that it makes much sense anyway )

Let’s see let’s start with my RETURN. When I returned to Jon’s house 3-4 years ago, I immediately saw his decrease in mobility and ability to do certain things, so I immediately began to do these things and more to lighten the load for him . I was and am ever so grateful to him for providing me a safe, nice place to live in a safe area of town which isn’t over flooded with crime, miscreants and other unsavory aspects that the “ street life” atmosphere darkens and sullies most of the town with.

After awhile of living here , not remote by any means but far out ; I became a little restless at times and so befriended a man named “ popeye” online. Well I guess you could say he befriended me .. Anyway, however it is; I made his acquaintance and went to visit him a few times at his trailer . This was before I had a car; and taking a taxi there was ridiculously expensive ; I remember that .

He was a weird, blunt and weird fellow.. what I recall most about him now was that he came off friendly enough at first but had a dominating personality and within a few visits was trying to take control of me ( the situation, etc) during visits for whatever reason. He was real secretive of me, seemingly grouching sensoring the over inquisitive neighbors knowledge, view and introduction to me . I thought the overly eager-to-meet & majorly nosy neighbors a weird thing too but dismissed it. Back then ( like now in fact ) I was hurting for friends and had none to speak of . It was then I noticed that Stephanie lived next door.

** Note to self … don’t forget to add in even though Audrea never met Stephanie before and not knowing I met Stephanie 20 years ago tried to tell me a year later as i relayed the story to her .. tried to tell me that Stephanie was not her real name .. you know she was just coincidentally speaking casually for no purpose whatsoever .. yeah right*******

I had originally met Stephanie nearly 20 years ago through Adrian.. he was this local “ thug” “plug” sort of guy this loser ex of mine used to associate with .. I never really got to know Stephanie then, only seen her in passing . oh and I was only with the loser ex at a low point in my life after most of my male family members died (dad,grandfather) so my judgement was off to say the least. My long term boyfriend of seven years had been away and just went “ missing” as well; so I was drowning in all sorts of grief… Entre Popeye sans spinach lol.. part two tomorrow

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