Thought you loved me like I loved you.

I didn’t even have a clue. I was always tired and alone cuz I never had you. Just goes to prove .. good actors can break your heart too. So confused.. with people everywhere being rude or throwing attitude . Always on the move finding more things to lose . I always knew one of them would be you. I can’t believe it’s true but I couldn’t make u love me just because I love you . I didn’t know how to feel when I figured out shit wasn’t real. Always thought it was a little bizarre but I’ve known forever since we were together about the cars . But I looked the other way but here you are again . Gif my life feeling like I can’t win.. “people harassing me on the phone again ” all this shit you put me through .. bunch of bullshit just like Fucking drew! Did you really think I’m so dumb or that I would forget where you’re from .. or about the black lives matter.. come on yusef you’re making me madder. You owe me an apology a couple more cars and a bunch of money. Back where we were parentheses together parentheses I used to look the other way.. that’s back when I was OK before I let you throw me away .. now we’re not even fucking you’re just Fucking me over.. my life has sucked .. but your good times are over. I’ve got official documents and original forms from the government.. I saved every page and every word like sage . Audrea n drew r so dumb I’m not a jackalope.. And I might not be the shitbut u sure in the hell arent Brad Pitt. I’ve got something else to complain about .. about that old man running his mouth.. Stay in the name of everything you guys have done right to my face like I’m that dumb .. I know where it’s all coming from.. ganging up 4 on one . And I’m not even through mother fuck you for fucking drew all the stupidity I have to go through at least when it was you it was you.. wish I never loved you.. Wish you were as easy to see thru as drew . Oh one thing you ever said was true all ur friends are definitely heathens so give me one Fucking reason I shouldn’t take you all out right now .. I mean you take every Fucking thing from this cash cow n you were never ever true ., At least you had me instead of Maggie but I never had you. What a trade here we go bro u right down the street I’m about to lose control . I’ve always had a big mouth n a big heart but You tore heart apart so now the mouth has to compensate . This has been song one song three is Marley n me’s GAMES OVER ps I’m not rover . You better hurry I’m not bluffing in a couple hours I just might start early on the Jew n say something jackalope jack kept Kara Stacey mf please n Preston n Kirby I remember c too..don’t forget jared yusef n 2drews

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