I don’t have a doubt

that love was a lie

Issued from not only your mouth

But shot me with lasers from your eyes

Years of deception

Sentiments untrue

What existed in my head

Wasnt even you

The pain of this realization

Was accompanied by confusion

That what I considered love

Was nothing but an illusion.

I never had you at all

what I had was a delusion.

I swear though I seen love in your eyes

It must of been a reflection of all the lies .

Your love had a price

Mine was free

You were grossly compensated

But never compensated me.

Disappeared without a trace

Just the vague outline of a plan

laughing n hiding in my face

So dark n twisted I’m still struggling to understand .

Offstage silently pulling strings

the weaver of these needful things

those who conspire with the one he hired

willing to end my life for financial means.

causing me to flail wildly

against the fabrication of constant circumstance

being so thoroughly blinded

by expert deception and false romance

while being constantly reminded

that any day is one I could be locked away

I couldn’t even fathom this let alone fight it

But now here I am despite the misuse, the thievery, the fuckery, the abuse .

It’s funny now u threw me away, I have no current use

I came to annihilate and I’m not going to lose

You’ll forever more be afraid of what you think is refuse!