Just another day of Antics

It occurred to me I keep trying to tell you how I am hacked and harassed, and though I lack the knowledge or depth of understanding to convey how it is done to you I try.. ( because it is a very fine line and I have to prove it well unless people think me conspiracy happy or unbalanced) but I was not listing any accounts of the other sort of daily torture I go through. It is prolific as well as slight at times, but it is harassment , and attempts at it or mental torture or manipulation at best . I try not to let it be . Add to this the theft of my pills and things I need to combat the situations they cause and their denial of it( when it could be no one else) while cutting off my ability to make money to replenish what I already had and you’ve got a nightmare situation:: MY LIFE ..

October 4th 831 a.m. Scott “suit” messing with the outlets behind my bed and under window in my room again. Been at it and directly in the ones behind my head where I am sitting, (which trips my anxiety) for a total of 45 minute now . What the hell could he be doing ? It takes only seconds to plug something in; but not him .. oh no .. see he’s checking he says. For what ?To fuck with me . Last night he “ looked for his lost phone” for hours ; going through his bag , but only behind directly where I sat .. He made a crack about the fleas too( in addition to Steven Gorsky making one last night; calling and asking if I had fleas in my home .

In addition to that ; people are making disparaging remarks to me; such as Drew did day before yesterday. Blaming it on Nathan; he nonchalantly remarked “ You know Nathan said “ idk what Mel’s going to do ; she’s going to be getting old soon ..” STING DELIVERED Drew then stated that he said something to the effect of ,” SHIT idk SO what the hell you’re talking about.. MEL IS SO fine “. He thinks he’s crafty and applied the BUFFERING statement above to make himself appear just the happenstance listener , who totally disagreed btw.. and put it on Nathan for saying it ; who is already on my shit list.. trying to make himself look like just the innocent listener who complimented instead of what the situation really is . He is too ignorant to realize that I know that A) the whole thing is a fabrication B) him repeating that to me was intentional and was meant solely for the purpose of “ getting the job done” a weak attempt at mental manipulation in which I am demeaned and insulted as well as planting the “seed” in my mind to cause self doubt, depression, worry, Shame, pain of all sorts .. and hopefully enough self doubt & anxiety commingled with self loathing to cause me to lose money and feel awful about myself. Which seems to be one of their goals . Put that on top of he’s( Drew) always trying to tell me I have “sleep deprivation “ and imagine these things, these situations that occur that I speak about or try to address him about. By doing that he is making my problems and what I talk about insignifigant or nonexistent .. just another little jab at my self conscious .. Or when I recognize a slight, a jab, whatever ( which is constantly ) he says to me ., it is just the result of sleep deprivation and not a real instance.. that anything can “go together “ when you have sleep deprivation . “ Mind you I don’t know why he thinks I’m sleep deprived anyway to try to employ this lame method unless somehow he knows that I am indeed nearly sleep deprived always because Scott keeps me up all night every night usually , even causing occurrences which would keep me from sleeping during the day sometimes .. But how would he possibly know that if I don’t convey these things to him.?? ( secret collaboration)
Another weak attempt at mental manipulation and self esteem torment is with Scott. Yesterday we bought soda to replenish our supply. Scott buys all of this berry flavored Mountain Dew; whereas I prefer Pepsi. Upon returning home for several hours I went to the fridge to grab a cold Pepsi, just assuming there would be one in there as I seen him putting soda away earlier. There was none. I asked him about it and found the whole 12 pack of my preference ,Pepsi, stowed behind the couch . Angrily and telling him how thoughtless he is, only putting away his soda and stashing mine , considering I bought it and he’s staying at my house and further adding an example of “ I wouldn’t do that to you” hoping to instill some thought into him, I put two or three Pepsis in the fridge .
This morning when I wake up he has been up for hours already and is trying to feed me tons of chocolate and cakes before I am awake ( dates back to Stephanie). When I finally wake up and go to get a Pepsi, there aren’t any.. KNOWING I JUST PUT TWO IN THERE MYSELF . Scott tries to tell me I drank them. I replied I would know if I drank them. He then tried to tell me he drank them ,I know he does not drink Pepsi and even if he had he would still be guilty of not putting any back to replenish the ones he drank . CONCLUSION: another attempt at gaslighting to cause feelings of lowered self esteem, confusion, being disliked ; diminish my feeling of self importance or some shit like that and just cause feelings of self dislike ; not being liked or hatred all around, i.e.: self-esteem issues AKA: OK yeah lame ass transparent fools .. take the situation with my teeth and Stephanie in the past And Scott’s repetition of her actions recently by buying of cakes and cookies in addition to the screen play I read screen yesterday on “ a place of our own.org “ about teeth rot and you’ve got a scene unfolding for you now . In reference to Stephanie , It is the same thing over and over; similar actors deployed in the same occurrences reenacting the same scenes with me over and over and over again trying to create similar effects, etc. But to what end , though? What is the purpose? Who would want to do that ti someone? Seems vengeful . Mind you I am not even trying to speak as I type this whole article up , but I whisper one word and it ( my speech to text function I suppose) would insert it , messing the entire paragraph up. At the end of writing this however ; I grew tired of typing and Lazily I tried to speak the last sentence ( seeing as how it will type ouo every word no matter how faintly It was whispered previously) and not one word was repeated correctly , everything was misconstrued and horribly misspelled as if a drunken 8 year old with dyslexia wrote it . My apps are stupid and work against me. CONSTANTLY . Too much for coincidence or just a crappy day. Just a scene from the daily shit show where everyone in my life is now involved in it ( which is like 3ppl)z