Gnom Gnoms

I knew Drew had to call me ” Nom Oms” out of the evil of his heart, in fact I refused his first ” term of endearment ” for exactly the same reason . But why would I suspect a seemingly good friend would be making such secret fun of me right to my face? Am I insecure? No.. we’ll nearly by now .. lol idk.. I suspect that because that is what is occurring regularly. Taunting me in fact . Sometimes he gets carried away with himself ( usually when lipsyncing rap songs by Suicide Boys and entertaining different fantasies about himself.. looking himself directly in the eye in the rear view mirror while pounding his chest emphatically, eyes masked in false truth beseeching you and seductively imploring . and promising to make you rich girl, how lucky you are to get a King like him. You could have ended up with all those fuckboys. Just what you wanted : a narcissistic, anorexic tweaking , pathologically lying , whining , trying to be manipulating , scamming , stealing , hacking dumpster diver calling himself an alchemist who makes gold to explain away all the motherboards in his room and the poisonous solution he would use to extract the gold from the nodes if he did not use that to poison my face cleanser and wasn’t tricking me into buying it so he could make a real dumb ass out of me and silently watching your face grow worse and worse as he makes disparaging little comments meant to tug at your self esteem ,, acting as if he’s repeating something someone else said and then sweetly proclaiming that HE ERSONSLLY thinks you are SO HOT and you are his BEST FRIEND then quickly proceeding to do that one thing which terrifies you to the core and the. Asking to borrow 20$ while venomously cussing his mom out under his breath but you know mom is the code word for you .. and you think . It was entertaining at first I thought I would see how far it would go, but now I’m afraid I will kill you bro. I’m not your moma, sugar moma or best friend .. tell you in a way that you can comprehend.. this little world of torture disrespect and fake friend fantasy in which you daily insult me beyond what is human is coming to and end’ll never Morse code me or tell me double meaning demeaning stories ever again .. you are not the type of person I would pose for a friend . Your teeth which are totally wrotten and black . are the least wrotten and most genuine part of you .. all the malevolent shit you do.. good lord.I heard you live by the sword you die by the sword, WORD! 

He follows an online script some of it is playlist for movies other habits are playlist for songs they all do we’re here for the last month I found everything that he’s saying or doing about a few days before he’s actually saying or doing it so I’m actually ahead of them on their time schedule and I’m so ready for this to end and I can’t wait to annihilate them! Imagine being a prop using , script abusing equivalent of a $20 trick.. acting incorrigible to one lone girl just because someone’s paying you too and investing all your free time into harassing and taunting her on the Internet and then showing up and being so plastic and fake of a friend in her face. let me tell you something if you are a good person I will know that I won’t need you to tell it to me over and over again. Actions speak louder than words especially saccharine sweet ones you turd. This is the most absurd thing that’s ever happened to me .. and his buddy Nate which came in stage left way late in the act, don’t get me started on him and his story weaving wife .. she’s a real drama student! She was almost good, I couldn’t appreciate her act , seeing as who she was acting upon.. She only got me for a total of like 60 bucks..To remain positive I will say that she was good cheap entertainment .

Now back to Drew’s real mother; there’s your class act ; mother and son tag team… your typical Bonnie and Clyde ; wonder if they have an Oedipal connection.. Those two tag teaming me with stories and lies one on one and then teaming up to give me a two some of hell , lies n taunting self defacing stories was horrendous!! I’m going to litigate and it’s going to turn out stupendous because I am relentless! This story that’s unfolding in my life that I’m wrapping up I would have never imagined in 1 million years it’s such so stupid that it will make it perfect modern day thriller I’m going to sell it. lifetime With the money I am awarded from my litigation from it screwing up my lifetime.