Premature Acceptance

So ill prepared for appearing unprepared I’d go back to start but I think I’ve already been there. I remain unimpressed by a bunch of fake fucks juggling jacked jests all less original than my breasts . . I’ve already heard that! I want to scream! halting their streams from invading my dreams ; my life and what’s left in between. Dirtied with over a dozen prints ,showing from whence it come , obvious in its intent. Visciousness lacking genuity ; each jab negating it’s transparency . The insults meant to demean add to the unclean redundancy and stray far from being funny. In its own way a hysterectomy of justice via accomplis ; recompense and demolish. The exact opposite epitome of what it was meant to be.It will be a very successful tragedy if you ask me. If you engage in a futility showcasing the investment of self conceit & narcissistic stupidity , you had better pray for obscurity and go ahead and accept defeat prematurely .

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