Sucker for a liar in a red dress.. discoveries, supposings and recent crap I’ve been drug through..

” I’m a sucker for a liar in a red dress ” The song by the non mainstream Adam Jensen, which can be found on YouTube; as was pointed out to me by one of my ” friends”.. I don’t think my YouTube is the same as other peoples YouTube’s.. or my computers for that matter. I’m becoming enlightened … I just read about an article entitled. ” disabling HTTTP2 “. to which I was confused as to find it nonchalantly hanging out in my browser… until I read the article on how to send things to the browsers of your targets and read the article itself which was about making a website someone is creating non-appearing on the World Wide Web!! to others like I’m sure this one is! Finally viable proof that I’m not crazy and subsisting off of conspiracies with sides of delusions as people around me who called them selves my friends would want me to believe. I know more believe that then I believe the innocence and the random off-topic question my roommate asked me in an innocent and childlike voice full of wonder several times a day I.E. .: What is conspiracies? Mind you he’s a retired schoolteacher.  for the past year or so he has been pulling this child like wonder act well also pretending to diss remember how to start a computer what a mouse is for how to spell pages he goes to or how to enter numbers into his phone keypad etc. however if I get up early in the morning And go out to the kitchen for a drink I can find him quietly in Scott’s to his computer desk typing things in and yes searching Things and even calling creditors.. but that’s when he wants me to get up he will call creditors of his and loudly proclaim what is charges he’s been charged in for putting me into a panic because I’m in charge of his bills. And only after I get up do I find out that that operator he’s talking to he has called about a card that he has discontinued several years ago. You know I miss I’ll be that bright because I noticed several months ago that people seem to be controlling me with fear but I did not know why now I think I do and you know what? I’m bloody pissed! And I seem to have turned into an anglophile on top of it!All of my writings, my letter my letters to editors my very sorry members list didn’t make me sit and cry wondering why no one wants to read anything I wrote has all been a lie? And my only fans page that means like the 12 members that I do have are just given to me you know very generously out of the base of fucks who are hacking me? Seeing how I’m in containers and I can’t see anything on the real Web there’s millions of rules for everything I wonder if my stuff is up and out there somewhere you know besides some really demeaning DEfaming ,mean ,down putting page.. there is one of those however that I am aware of I can’t remember the name of it but it’s a page where local commuters to him from work post the whereabouts of local street walkers as they go on their way to work and see them. They do this for the convenience of other computers so that they may see these pretty poor street walkers and drive by and ogle them I mean I’m sure they’re not put on the map so people can go by and assist them maybe to buy their services but more likely just to jack them and make fun of them.. I found out about this site years ago when I was walking to work every day and I became so fearful of it because of the insane amount of people parading by staring at me it was really quite profoundly horrific . Went to my whore not very long ago I found out that there is a trail through my back wash behind my house to my house and it will be a marker by which window I can be viewed to and even directions on which angle to stand to view me better through the slats. This is illegal is it not? Do you know every letter I written to every hacking group to every please group to anybody has it not ever been even answered once.. my roommate tells me that’s probably because I think that I’m crazy his son tells me it’s because there are no groups like that at all anywhere for anyone online and I bite my lip and don’t say anything … because I know better than to just be spoon fed just what I am told by the people whom I may have previously respected out of human decency but for which I now find myself really lacking any good real feelings) but they’re definitely two peas in a pod and that pod has recently dropped from a horses ass. 

Crazy as I have lost contact with all of my real friends and family and the last two years and the spaces have been filled in with my new roommate and new friends who went first I thought were nice great people and then I just didn’t think about it because everything was happening so fast and it wasn’t until just about a few months ago I suddenly realized these are terrible people Lissa they are clearly using you for some purpose and they are also taunting you and I’m pretty sure they’re setting you up for some shit too.. Is this really my life? Fortunately I can remember everyone of their names I mean because there have been a nonstop rotation of actors in we’ve had clumsy droopy dock,, and sadly in a repetition of the same characters, no there’s no new exciting script in this book. The same bumbling fool who came into my life fucking shit up last year is replaced by a very similar bubbling fool this year.

Wait so you mean to tell me that these past two years why I’ve been trying desperately with determination and fraying nerves and lessening patience to get my businesses started and make money and save money and create customer bases and just have a business that none of my work has been online whatsoever? No one sees any of it except the very gross and soul killing fake commenters I’ve had all along? Whenever I make some really great work and I post it on TikTok or YouTube nobody commenting says anything do I put lots of tags and it’s very interesting and I’m super cute. No I just get really rude sexually demeaning perverted sex of shit saying terrible things to me almost a point where they are stocking harassing me. What I guess that means to show me I should get my butt off line and stay out there. They should just accept that as an answer and not search in anything anymore whatsoever and if I try to and my browser does not work will give me the answers I’m looking for I should look to see if it’s in a container or if it’s compromised I should just ask my dear old roommate Jon who would tell me yeah I wouldn’t do that.. just like his advice on calling the cops.. when I get really weary and I’ve had it .. I say out loud to anyone who will listen if anyone I’m going to call the cops I’m going to call the cyber department and tell them about this and my roommate invariably rolled his eyes and said oh gosh she’s crazy she’s telling her stories again or tells me why I shouldn’t. Then further drive home this idea he usually creates 2 to 3 events in the coming week which horrify me off from calling 911 all together..  there have been several times this year when he has called the police on me for leaving a basket of dirty clothes in the living room, not listening to him, and once even he called the police and told him that I was friends with gangbangers and druggies and you know just commenced to give me a huge stream of smearing dirt about me.. When the police showed up that they asked if he had mental problems.. anyway back to .. Great so the one or two or three smart Alec jack off to comment on everything I post month after month and are usually rude or sexually deviant are fake . I write some really good articles and I wondered why I never had anyone interested in them at all to leave one comment duh. that makes perfect sense why when I post something really great on onlyfans I get no comments ( nor does my fan level ever go up) But let some sloppy girl post a non-professional photo of her in her underwear and raffle it off and she’ll make $1500 it just has not ever made sense to me my stuff is good well now it does make sense to me I am being censored dammit where is Kim Jong ill around this bitch

. And I can’t get paid for my caregiving job that I do here in fact I’ve had to go to great links just retain the applications that I’ve got it and I have caught people throwing them in the garbage filling them out wrong to the out-of-state return address and I have caught people stealing them.. WTF? He wants me to do all the work as his caretaker make all the calls with all of his creditors and all of his pharmacists but he does not want me on paper whatsoever And says room and board should be enough. should be enough. ? Well I buy all of my own groceries and I buy all of his too. because shortly after I moved in and he tasted the food that I cooked he no longer wanted to eat his generic cans of tuna and tomato paste. He has money he just does not want to part with it at all for anything. I have no money but I am of the mind that I am going to eat well as at least that thing only and so I do and so does he. So for as far as getting paid and room and board I pay for my own board in the room you do not even understand the level of stuff I have to put up with to live here. I mean I can handle him, but in the last six months it has become apparent to me that he is one of the main players and this horrible scripture on the stage of my life he has become impossible asking me a question for which I have to walk from my bedroom into the living room and as soon as I answer it and turn around and navigate my way back into the bedroom to down I sit down for about two deca seconds before he has called me again I get weary of this and I try to shout and project my voice out to him at which point he starts calling me mumbles and asking me if I’m on drugs and seeing that he can never understand anything I say. He will say huh? He will repeat something so far off from what I said it couldn’t even rhyme In the remotest of the possibilities. So most days I end up making runs back-and-forth from my room to his area about 89× and 87 of those times will be to look at “the fat bitch on Jerry Springer” or to look at the big black XXXXX on the guy on porn tube on the computer.. which is not what I want to look at though I am really lacking views,, I mean are you fucking kidding me ? Although it doesn’t appear that I have mobile service 98% of the time I am somehow plagued by random pranksters who keep cracking me up via text and saying the most disparaging and sexualized remarks that I can imagine.. But I could already tell you how Gertie it was because his loudspeaker echoes back at cacophony of moans cheaper and faker than most of the lines and stories I’m fed every day.

how much are disappearing quickly

Moon is a red moon and orange moon lol I love it so much but I don’t think it’s going to happen again so I’m not going through this anymore I don’t think so lol I’ll see what I have lol I think it’s a good friend to see lol how about it all I did lol I was thinking of what you were doing but now I’m not sure lol how I was doing lol

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