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Some pages captured in the Bing index turn out to be pages of little or no value to users and may also have characteristics that artificially manipulate the way search and advertising systems work in order to distort their relevance relative to pages that offer more relevant information. Some of these pages include only advertisements and/or links to other websites that contain mostly ads, and no, or only superficial, content relevant to the subject of the search. To improve the search experience for users and deliver more relevant content, Bing might remove such search results, or adjust Bing algorithms to prioritize more useful and relevant pages in search results.

Sensitive personal information, including nonconsensual distribution of intimate images

From time to time, webpages that are publicly available will intentionally or inadvertently contain sensitive personal information posted without the consent of the individual identified or in circumstances that create security or privacy risks. Examples include inadvertent posting of private records, private phone numbers, identification numbers and the like, or intentionally and maliciously posting email passwords, login credentials, credit card numbers, or other data intended to be used for fraud or hacking. Upon verification, Bing will remove such search results.

Another example is when someone shares adult images of another person online without that person’s consent. Culturally, this is a gross invasion of one’s privacy and is commonly referred to as “revenge porn.” To help victims get back control of their images and their privacy, upon review, Bing may remove links to revenge porn photos and videos from search results. To report unauthorized online photos and videos, victims should complete a form on our reporting web page.

As noted in the form, information will remain available on the web even if Bing has removed a relevant search result. The website owner is in the best position to address privacy concerns about the information it publishes and the form directs victims to contact these website owners in order to remove content from the web.

Adult content

Bing offers SafeSearch settings, which allow most users to set the type of filtering of adult content that they would like applied to their search results. Bing wants to avoid delivering content that can be offensive or harmful when it wasn’t requested. By default, in most countries or regions, SafeSearch is set to Moderate, which restricts visually explicit search results but doesn’t restrict explicit text.

Different countries or regions may have different local customs, religious or cultural norms, or local laws regarding the display of adult content (or search results accessing adult content). This may affect default SafeSearch settings for Bing in some countries. We endeavor to reevaluate these settings as the relevant local laws, customs, and norms evolve.

Warnings (illegal sale of pharmaceuticals, malware)

When there is a significant risk of serious harm to the public from purchasing unsafe, counterfeit, and other illegal drugs online (illegal pharmaceuticals) or accessing sites that are reasonably suspected of containing malware, Bing wants to help our users make informed decisions. With this goal in mind, we provide a set of warnings on Bing.com to give our users more information about the dangers of visiting unsafe sites. We will not prevent a user from visiting the sites. However, the warning will caution users of the risks, and provide links to resources where the user can learn more about selecting a safe online pharmacy.

For illegal pharmaceuticals, this warning will appear if a Bing user selects a pharmaceutical site that has been cited by the FDA as a fake online pharmacy engaged in illegal activity, such as offering potentially dangerous, unapproved and misbranded prescription drugs to US users.


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