Here’s some literature I found on the website I found going over an exact kind of crap I was leaving

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  • first of all, is .swf (flash) supported? its not mentioned anywhere but mediainfo finds mpeg-audio streams in some of them (albeit with bitrate 0).. i’m not sure if those are really mpeg audio streams, but it could very well be so..
  • i guess “S-Mpeg 4 v3” should really be “MS-Mpeg 4 v3”, right?
  • why is the mpeg container called “MPEG 1 Multiplexer” instead of simply “MPEG 1”? is this the official name?
  • “MPEG-4 Video” should maybe renamed to “MPEG-4 (A)SP” and “MPEG-4 AVC” to better differentiate the two variants
  • while “MPEG-4 Audio” is technically correct, i think it would be more helpfull for users if you would write “MPEG-4 Audio (AAC)” and maybe even “MPEG-4 Audio (HE-AAC)” too.
  • the codecs in this .mov here (… are not recognised at all. according to mplayer they should be “ima4” (IMA ADPCM) for audio and “SVQ3” (Sorensen Video 3) for the video track.
  • this movie here (http://www.kollektiv-kaffeemaschine… has exactly the same codecs, but this time “ima4” is detected as a second video track instead of the audio track.
  • i would appreciate it if the actual FOURCC would be displayed somewhere in conjunction with your “translated” description
  • whenever there is no audio or video track in a container, the codec name is displayed in the format-column too instead of the real container name, which is very confusing (at least for me).
  • i have another .mov on my hd (sorry, no link) which isn’t recognised at all too. codecs are “Sorensen Video 3” and uncompressed pcm audio (FOURCC: “twos”). i can upload it somewhere if you want.

that’s it for now, more to come later =)


29th June 2005, 10:59

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