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MediaInfo(Lib) 0.7 – Reading information about media files
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27th June 2005, 22:33   #1  |  Link
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MediaInfo(Lib) 0.7 – Reading information about media files
I develop MediaInfo, which is a tool to show technical information (container format, codec, width, heigth…) and tags (Title, Artist, Language…) about all kind of multimedia files. Main purpose is to have a library for third-parties, but there is a graphical interface too.

I wish have some beta testers with complex files, to “stress” the program just released.
There are :
– A graphical interface
– A command line interface
– A DLL for programers (with C++, C#, J#, VB.nt, VB5, Delphi, ActiveX examples)

I already did some tests on :
Matroska, Avi, Wav, Ogg, Ogm, Mpg, Vob, Mp4, M4a, 3gp, M2v, mp3, Wma, Wmv, Mov, Rm, Rmvb, Ifo of DVD, Aac, Ac3, Dts, Monkey Audio, Ape, Flac, Au, Aiff.
I am working on H264.

Did I forget a container?
Want to know all about your media files? http://mediaarea.net/MediaInfo
28th June 2005, 04:55   #2  |  Link
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Good idea! It’ll be useful. GSpot not support anything except *.avi. Cheers.
29th June 2005, 10:35   #3  |  Link
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just tested some files of my collection:
first of all, is .swf (flash) supported? its not mentioned anywhere but mediainfo finds mpeg-audio streams in some of them (albeit with bitrate 0).. i’m not sure if those are really mpeg audio streams, but it could very well be so..
i guess “S-Mpeg 4 v3” should really be “MS-Mpeg 4 v3”, right?
why is the mpeg container called “MPEG 1 Multiplexer” instead of simply “MPEG 1”? is this the official name?
“MPEG-4 Video” should maybe renamed to “MPEG-4 (A)SP” and “MPEG-4 AVC” to better differentiate the two variants
while “MPEG-4 Audio” is technically correct, i think it would be more helpfull for users if you would write “MPEG-4 Audio (AAC)” and maybe even “MPEG-4 Audio (HE-AAC)” too.
the codecs in this .mov here (http://download.theforce.net/theater…_web_large.zip) are not recognised at all. according to mplayer they should be “ima4” (IMA ADPCM) for audio and “SVQ3” (Sorensen Video 3) for the video track.
this movie here (http://www.kollektiv-kaffeemaschine….erarbeitQT.mov) has exactly the same codecs, but this time “ima4” is detected as a second video track instead of the audio track.
i would appreciate it if the actual FOURCC would be displayed somewhere in conjunction with your “translated” description
whenever there is no audio or video track in a container, the codec name is displayed in the format-column too instead of the real container name, which is very confusing (at least for me).
i have another .mov on my hd (sorry, no link) which isn’t recognised at all too. codecs are “Sorensen Video 3” and uncompressed pcm audio (FOURCC: “twos”). i can upload it somewhere if you want.

that’s it for now, more to come later =)

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