this is what im hacked with, in addition to gsuite on top of whatever they want me to think today. ive been wondering why my urls in the browser end in php.. why didnt anyone tell me?why cant anyone help me?can anyone eve see this?


Supercell ID API proxy for retrieving the account token. Compatible with all global Supercell Games (tested only for clash royale).


This repo is meant to be deployed to a production server so that your app can track scid tokens using a web API. If you just need to get the scid token, read the “Documentation” section.

  • Specify your MySQL database credentials in the method getDatabaseConnection located in file system/ApiRequest.php.
  • Specify the array of api users in the system/Config.php file. Don’t forget to update the IDTYPE_MAX_VALUE variable.


All the documentation about Supercell ID API is available here..JETPACK they lie and switch words around

Zero bone.. is that why I’m discreetly called the dog ?
Ohh this is what I envision a hacking virus to look like .. actually it’s about 6”2 w sandy hair
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