Do you see what I see ? Can you see what I don’t? Knowing that you will do you still tell me you won’t? Do you think you should say something to me or protect me maybe and somehow still don’t? It’s gonna happen, don’t think it won’t . Even if you’re not the captain you’re part of the action in the float you’re whole life is a PI- rates lie & you chose that torturous boat w remote.. I even offered you an ulterior method to stay dry but I don’t think you cared if u got wet long as u stayed high. Everything in the air all around me indicating danger,, sweet saccharine words that smell like anger. Friends are a more dangerous folly than strangers… everyone keeps shooting me with the same bullets, shuffling the same old lame old deck of cards ,, wearing yesterdays masks to do tomorrow’s tasks and still unthinking what if I react.. spooning on the lies telling me to relax that they have my back and all the while I’m under attack. But now I’ll attack back ! Think I’m stupid think again ? I can’t even begin to speak of the chagrin when you come round pretending to be a friend ? It’s not if but when ..

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