Get what you want!!!

Fake it til you get what you wanted wants wanting wanted
Just fake it until you make it take it get what you want . Desire and conspire to take you higher don’t matter if u have to be a “ lyer “ whatever it requires to get what u want . As for others lock them up or let them think you are . Take their cars no more cowboying days back to under cover ways… catch Koch a thousand ways to get lost and finally a couple. To get caught. Depends on what u want . Or didn’t want.. your post reactions course the traction only subdued by frustrations of complete lack of cummunication my isolation I didn’t know you bought my cost to get what you want . Not only the end but always pretend for a laugh for a win it all comes back to you in the end… the end is almost as close as you are. I want to end this .. your start but my finish how I wish it/ you had been different. May the Schwartz be with you .. you should of come for me but you’re a dummy not a cowboy.. and I’m no cow or dog . This will last longer then the cash the price at which you were bought same price for what my life cost .. fuck this train n u think ur getting off? Kip. Yip. Yup. Um.. fuck no Hank wtf you thank? Yank u back from the bank . So cold n cruel after u were paid there was no rule that said you couldn’t communicate a little peace for me. No sir ee now you can all choke on the pieces of me .. cow hownow.. howl at the moon .. the moon wants some pie .. I’m not hungry however I’ll take my money back plus all I lack it’s in the sack no skipping off Scott free.. the killer in you is the killer in me..” my love” sending this fuck (you) out to you.. and you n YOU two! Think your jokes are rude kinda set the scene for my attitude.. shit is getting hairy Larry n scary too.. what would you have me do? Bored barely escaping a second hell but saved by the bell it’s clear ambient ring the truth in the proof.. and it’s all fireproof.. except your hooves