Laugh if you want to

“””””Fire Clay Tile craftsmanship, beauty and durability.””””

I am referring to the company referred to in the screenshot photo located on this blog. You know; the tile company to be a proud to be a certified B Corporation, “we’re committed to using business as a force for good.” OMG tacky n retarded. Did you read that? This company fire clay tile must not have spent much money on advertisement marketing or on advertisement placement for that matter.. I mean who the hell writes up their advertisements? Are they paying this person for the service? Did they outsource it from dumbfuckerville? Shit , perhaps they could consider hiring me then !! Seriously, the sentence “ business as a force for good” . did you read that? Is it just me or is the way they worded their entire paragraph like seriously fucked? “ for good” AS OPPOSED TO WHAT ? FOR BAD? Are they implying others posting ads do business for “ bad”? Is it an ominous warning to me in disguise?

Actual solar panel setup

“ For good “ . Hmm… Not for the good. ??? Not for good measure??? . Not for good business practices?? For the love of God for good of what? Just a broad general sense if the greater good of good? Good god! . If these hackers were serious about making themselves appear believable then they would word their advertisement on their fake pages a little better. Come on give attention to every detail because in every little detail, all it takes is one minor nearly invisible imperfection to give away the TOTAL discrepancy of it all ; to let someone catch on that what they’re reading is something funny having to do directly with funny business or should I say monkey business. Nothing to do with humor at all but funny as in suspect ya dig? But they’re not worried about it because it’s just for my eyes only right? No one else is supposed to be seeing it so it’s well known, well it is apparent to them ( only) that I am a idiot ; just a cash cow really .. MOO ! Sorry I couldn’t help that !! sometimes the rage has found Tourett syndrome like outlets in me,, defining itself in various ways of expressions that find creative ways of escaping me.. unfortunately lately without my knowledge.. I’m surprised I don’t have a literal river of expletives rushing from my mouth at all times, no pun intended on the river word or no pun intended with whatever I have to do with all those escape pages or escape games that they recently made up I keep seeing the word in all conjugative forms everywhere I go online so I know it’s something to do with something stupid. . That and the fact that I highly suspect that every webpage I visit isn’t really the webpage that it says it is nor the address I typed in to my browser window. For example like the screenshot I posted above of a FIRE CLAY TILE .. you know proud to be a B company, I really think it is a pseudo url, a fake , poor cover up for “Barclays” which is a financial service of some sort .. funny .. my speech to text cannot comprehend and spell the word “end” when I speak but it was able to pull up the term Barclays perfectly the first time it’s complete clarity having never heard it before .. .


I’m tired of Everything designed to laugh at me and make me feel stupid. I know I’m not dumb and I’m sick of the literal numbers of people employed to help me remain so.. I’m trying to pages like this one fire clay tile really be in Barclays which is some sort of credit card or financial company I am sure because I’m seeing it on everything of mine . By mine I mean I’m on the web figuratively, but I’m hacked and they do not want me seeing too much; so every page I go to is crafted just for me … and they change the words on everything but they can’t erase them completely( og words) they Can just move them around.

Excuse my horrible spelling and typography (I guess it’s called) it’s not me doing it… there is a macro or an API on my device that misspells everything I write.. horribly.. intentionally .. for the purposes of making me look like an idiot which is hell a certain select group of idiots want me to be portrayed. For that reason my speech to text works horribly; except for when it doesn’t: when speech to text hears me the way it supposed to; it hears me perfectly and types the most perfect dictation you can imagine! It’s the way an iPhone should work were it just an iPhone and not an instrument of torture, a theater and a framing & cornering company (on a fake site by a fake map company made by a real cartographers husband) all wrapped into one! map maker, document editor, web page editor, maker, video editor, video bidders,idiot maker out of me : your name it it does it,

Screenshot from site I was led to that strongly resembles as REALLY BEING BARCLAYS CREDIT SITE.. all the sites I visit are oddly some other nefarious site “underneath” and I have an embedded browser? What’s that?

No wonder my phone screen says gathering analytics on the mini menu accessed by pressing the B n W button for AssistiveTouch located on my Home Screen .. That is where everyone else’s is also, right?

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