Mr Jones and Me

Are gonna be big big stars .. believe in me, cuz I don’t believe in anything and I want to be someone who believes … well do you know gray ! is my favorite color? I felt so symbolic yesterday if I knew Picasso… I would buy myself a gray guitar and play.. down in the new Amsterdam

Staring at a yellow haired girl mr. Jones strikes happyconversation all of the beautiful colors are very very beautiful… I wish stupidfool was a word.. but conjoined.. you know it’s spelled like beautiful but stupifool.. It’s funny my phone cannot misspelled word now. software on it must’ve changed or It must be disabled it for the moment perhaps it’s because I have airplane mode on ; but I don’t know what that allows or doesn’t; I don’t know anything anymore except I’m tired of not knowing. I can only see material which is years old or made up by the same idiots who are actively hacking me(

Today I had a sign in window to read me pop up and so I put in my email address to see if it was in your link you know I want to see if I belong to it and sure enough I did and as soon as I log into the thing I thought was some sort of a Epub It pops up a dashboard for editing all the text on the current webpages that I was reading yeah it turns out they’re not webpages but you know document so it turned out I’m not on the Internet at all beat me like I said I don’t know anything.

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