Im not a plushie , baby that’s a lye ..

‘NOT AN ADDICT’ song BY K’s Fresh Deeper you stick it in your veins and deeper the thoughts; there is no more pain.. I’m in heaven/ I’m a God/ but everywhere I feel so hot.. /it’s not a habit it’s cool, /I feel alive / if you don’t have it you’re on the other side / I’m not an addict baby that’s a lie. I’m not an addict.
I guess we don’t have an attic either .. the spot on the ceiling where we used to have one is gone gone, not not me , not me , not today are you going to do me third times a charm? Not to -MFN day! IDC what anybody says … i’m in control and suck the rest.. if you want to try me with that I’ll put it to the Ted test.. i’m your mummy … I’m the BIg C and I’m. Not a dummy … I know what’s best .. ahora . Listen, listen… nope you aberrant twisted psychologically torturing misfits…. YOU EXIT STAGE LEFT .. in a dress! Do you wanna know what’s next ? Y’all got paid got laid perpetuating frames n corners.. YOU ARE ART so frame yourselves little jack horners .. Cold pieces of work.. stupid jerks .. didn’t work .. for all your twerkin.. go suck a gherkin.. quit merking n lurking Because I have to stand.. hurting.. for certain.. oh man! Lol thanks for the Oprah tickets I’ve always wanted to see the show but not BE THE SHOW .. no more! Poison me I’ll poison u.. like poison ivy