You turn the screws

you turn the knife then go home to kiss your wife.. it’s simple like punk rock … red white and blue …cake

embedded layers … hacked phones and now this.. people making a series of forwarded calls to make things appear NOT what they are .. I tell ya..most of the ignorance and would be malice I suffer daily as an ongoing victim of fraud and hacking is usually able to be shook off like a bad chill. The people employed to harass me and mentally manipulate me,well for lack of a better term; BURNOUTS. Who would want to do such a thing you might ask? Unfortunately someone I knew/thoughtI knew very well..The slander and appropriately placed mean comments that are meant to jab at my self esteem or get me to believe in these conspiracies (like what I already believe isn’t convoluted enough) do not hit me or receive the desired effect simply because of my strong inner voice of reason.Forever I knew I was hacked; but not how, who or why .. now I’m figuring/have figured these things out .. and all on my own.. As my phone does not let me reach anybody in authorive office-it’s crazy . And I’ve lost contact with all friends I’ve had long ago .. The people who tried to reach me cannot; therefore the only people I actually talk to are fake hacker oriented people who pretend to be other people most of the time. I found out for 100% sure who one of those are today and I could think of nothing but having wild fantasies of strangling him with wild abandon . He was too stupid to ever mentally manipulate me but not for lack of trying it must be the first time this guy has worked it hard at anything his whole life .. I even watched him stare at himself in the mirror one day ,pounding himself in the chest with his fist rhythmically and just singing “I’m a king “with the lyrics on the radio. He was having a fantasy and it was easy to tell by the conviction in his eyes that his recent involvement in this hacking collaboration put his self-esteem way up and he truly believe in himself.. Ugly memory still makes me sick. But it’s not this or the countless number of dumb tricks / jokes with me at the butt; but the things he says and means by his scripted jokes that I’ve had to contend with. it’s the meaning , the injury HOPED TO BE ACHIEVED by the blatantly MALICIOUS EXTREMES this asswad n these other lowlifes are going to to try and effect negative change in my life for their personal monetary comeuppance. I know they are voting &bidding on things And I recently found my location as in Brazil which makes sense back to six years ago; I remember searching Caleb’s Facebook and thinking why is this portuguese/Brazilian? Recently, They have gotten lazy.. There’s way too much braggadocio going on; these idiots are having way too much fun at it but believing that they are really smart and 100% holy buying into my idiocy and obliviousness ,leaving recording apps that are meant to be hidden in plain sight not even bothering to disguise them anymore, confident in the knowledge that they have mentally traumatized me enough that I will not seek any help or talk with police.. satiated believing that I am under the knowing rule of my new appointed handler ( whom I’m supposed to believe is a friend who LOVES me ) as if I have not been through this before ! Secure in the fact that they have stolen all of my cars and effectively immobilized me( along with an estate fear of the police that they have tried and think they have instilled in me ) smug in the knowledge that I can’t really reach any real police officer or anybody of any sort of authority because of the hacked nature of my phone with all of its redirects and gps machros; it’s lack of mobile data (so I pay my mobile plan every month and they steal the money there? )Or sell my data in one of these apps? I’m not sure. If I know one thing for sure and two for certain it is that these people are not geniuses; they are not even smart. I myself have forgotten more than they know and that’s a fact. These people just have a champion with some clever software knowledge and a vendetta to destroy me .. he knows how to purchase it and has the money to pay them to risk themselvesto utilize it And perpetrate all these little charades and shenanigans that I am always going through …which in the beginning had me so horrifically stressed out ! in the end it looks like a bunch of dummies will be hiding soon freaking out with the feeling ‘ why would you do such a thing? ‘ Even the champion will be spouting off .. Everyone will be turning on everyone; I mean it will be bitches and snitches galore. Anyone who excepts money from a rich and evil remote party to terrorize in prison and possibly end of life of someone who previously called them friend( plus a zillion other atrocities) deserves every minute of time every drop of torture that they have coming for them. Similar to a tsunami God will arise and wash them away. All of them. The poor dummies tricked into doing most of the incriminating work are so screwed over by the affluent heavy pocketed main Terrorizer; but they’ve been too thrilled with the cash( paltry sums if u ask me) To Mezmorised by their own illusions of being part of something for the first time in their lives.. and envisioning themselves and all sorts of sickening fashion just like the idiot I described above. Yes it’s all those things that really get to me and make me heartless, that make this a unforgivable crime. Is the intentions, it’s the knowledge that they were doing something that could have possibly ended my life in a variety of ways and being OK with that so long as they had a few bucks in your pocket every part of an ongoing secret which amused them greatly. More tomorrow and soon to be online for real

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