It gets deeper ( might need boots)

Struggling to survive when things get too heavy I lay my burdens aside break away outside turn a memory into a fantasy and take a ride or is it a fantasy into a memory ? I forgot .. this shits so confusing to me .. in some many degrees ..when you have mfs trying to control my mind n using me.. they’re living their fantasy .. trying to fuck with my sanity.. trying to redestin my predestined destiny so crazy .. I’ll get you away from me.. what knowledge I lack technically you lack socially n emotionally and I’m creeping up on you in multiple degrees..

Just a little ditty I wrote or maybe I was trying to make a quote.. talking about all the ways you better don’t. Haha

Wtf is all of these devices? Doing?
Analyctics all this rssi stuff has me remembering zigbee.. I think that’s part of what they’re doing to me along with the AC I bot or porn purge
Anyone who knows anything about this crap get a hold of me
Where for art thou, Romeo?
Wtf is this mean?
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