You dealt it , not me

you’re not a dealer .
I’m not a game .
if my life’s so interesting .
yours must be lame .
The hand you’ve dealt me

It bears your name

It’s coming back to you again

I’m going to make sure

You get the same


add in some suffering

to compliment your pain

every time you expect the sun

I ll pray that it rains

let it wash away all good things

amplify your desires

And ignore your needs

you’re not a work of art

but a mosaic of misery

Soon to be forgotten history

you are absence in time of need

Start a famine cuz you are the hunger

Un illumination- No lightning

you are the boom of empty thunder

less then exciting

Without the promise of rain

a sole spark igniting ..nothing

You are insomnia when I want slumber

You are an enemy when I need a lover

I am cursed everytime I hear your name

Hollow except the promise of pain

Fucking crazy but not insane

You are accountable

you are to blame

I will have retribution

Open a vein