Blue Dentro Bluetooth Device

Remember this is a receiver only, it dos not transmit back to your Bluetooth speaker/earphone/headphone/sound bar/receiver.



Use this Bluetooth music receiver instead of buying a brand new Bluetooth sound bar; turn your older stereo into a nifty Bluetooth capable one

Dual Device Link: Connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously; free to enjoy music from either of the two paired devices


Sound quality with aptX LL though better than from SBC codec so aptX LL Bluetooth is far superior to standard Bluetooth

This one offer three useful outputs – analogue RCA (instead of lower quality headphone jack), digital optical and digital coaxial – all work in parallel so one Bluetooth input can be distributed to three amps/DACs at the same time


The use of a dedicated digital-analogue-converter (instead of the cheap integrated DAC of the Bluetooth chipset) enables audiophile grade sound output at the analog RCA jacks


Setup is extremely easy. Once plugged in, the device automatically makes itself available to be paired. No password or key required

aptX Low Latency codec ensuring synchronized audio during video playback


Auto-reconnect to last paired device during power-up, remembers up to 8 devices at once

Compatible with all DSPs, standalone DACs, amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifier, A/V receiver and PA speakers


It runs stone cold, not surprising since Bluetooth uses very much less power than Wi-Fi



Bluetooth chipset: QCC3034


Bluetooth v5.1 + EDR, CLASS 1 – A2DP


Built-in 32Bits DAC: TI / Burr-Brown PCM5102A


Working range: 100ft line of sight


Audio input: Bluetooth ONLY


Audio outputs: L/R RCA, digital TOSLINK optical and digital S/PDIF coaxial


Power input: 5V DC (0.2A-3.0A) power supply excluded, USB power cable included


Supported audio codecs: aptX, aptX Low Latency, SBC, AAC, MP3, FLAC, DSD



How many Bluetooth devices can simultaneously stream to this device?

2 devices.

How to Pair 2 Phones ?

1. Power on BluDento Bluetooth receiver

2. Enable Bluetooth on the 1st phone, search and connect to “BLT-2”

3. After pairing successfully, disable Bluetooth on the 1st phone. BluDento will enter pairing mode again.

4. Pair BluDento to the 2nd phone by the same way.

5. After pairing successfully, enable Bluetooth on the 1st phone, click to connect “BLT-2” again.

6. Now both 2 phones are connected to BluDento.

Note: Only 1 phone can play at the same time, you have to pause the other.


Is it possible to rename the Bluetooth ID if two devices are used in adjacent rooms?

Of course, just leave us a message right after your purchase.


Can you have two identical hi-fi Bluetooth music audio receiver in one household?

Yes, you can.

It will not interfere with each other during playback.

Is this version also a Bluetooth audio transmitter?

It’s just a receiver/DAC.

Receiver mode only.


What if your amp has a DAC, do you need the Bluetooth DAC?

This is primarily a Bluetooth receiver but also does a pretty good job as DAC. If you already have a DAC this only makes sense if you would like to stream your music wirelessly.

If you use the optical and coaxial outs, it will bypass the internal DAC.


Does it have an on/off button or auto-on when power is connected?

No buttons: the Bluetooth is always on when the unit is powered on and it doesn’t go to sleep.

No controls (volume, play/pause, prev/next): you can just change it and adjust volume or pause from your phone without running over to the stereo.


I have multiple phones/tablets/laptops. I can’t tell which is currently connected to the device. How can I force-pair the one I have in my hand?

Do it manually.

Does the power supply adapter come in the box, if not what kind of power input is needed?

No, it does not come in the box as most of us probably have an extra power supply lying around.

Any 5V DC USB charger (current range: 0.2A~3.0A) is fine for BluDento.


What are the accessories?

USB to micro USB power cable – 1.0 meter

RCA cable – 0.8 meter

RCA to 3.5mm adapter – 0.15 meter

Optical cable – 0.8 meter

How to turn it off?

Turn Bluetooth off on local device when not using

Unplug the power


Can a 3.5mm aux plug into this?

Yes, a stereo RCA to 3.5mm adapter is included.



There is no power switch


You cannot pair the receiver with more than one device at the same time. So you must disconnect the last Bluetooth device before you can link a new one.


Established in 2017 and based in Shenzhen, China’s biggest electronic manufacturing hub, BluDento is devoted to wireless audio technologies and solutions.
Our mission is to protect the environment by making full use of existing old wired docking speakers and home theaters.
We are picky when it comes to quality!
We are always looking at new technologies such as NFC, aptX HD, LDAC etc, to be integrated into our products.

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