Holy, Holy , Holy

( like the scammers that insist on calling themselves my friend.. I can’t put my finger on it but something is way off .. like we had a vision installer, install solar panels why then what are solar panelsSomething is way off I can feel it. In fact, every time I try to write about it in this blog right here that you’re reading as soon as I write text, it disappears each and every time !! amazingly annoying !!! makes me feel like murdering whoever is responsible for all the bullshit in my life . I can envision him in front of me. His face purple with his eyes watering and bulging as the face twists and shifts as it morphs into many different recognizable faces to resemble this dude or that dude ; my mind conjures up the faces of all it could be, no one is excluded .. the people who insist on occupying the spaces around me who appear to be so nice but are anything but ; and in fact, they hate me.

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