This interesting article … blows me away and is so revealing … in MY personal life.. to the people harassing and defaming me who would not stop for nothing.. Please now know that I will not stop for nothing either … you’ve attained some goals . And now I’ve attained mine . May God forgive you.. because I just don’t have the heart / or health / or money; etc etc

Have an enlightened day everyone .. love, “Double D ” as one of the past participants has labeled me.. calling it to my face every chance he got along with all of his comrades .. blatantly making fun of me and condescendingly down talking an unknowing me; standing around stupidly smiling ; like I was amongst friends. I have been made to look stupid , at times to feel stupid; I have been made to look bad publicly and wrongly . I have been made to look like a criminal and completely defamed and I guess they think mentally toyed with . True they did scare me with all of their talk of calling the police or watch out for the police and all the spray-painted death threats behind my house. But that was just designed to keep me away from the right people I needed to help me. By silencing me /terrifying me of the police, they thought .. and allow them a platform to ” set the stage ” it would allow them freedom to torture me while setting the stage to severely dehumanize and wrongly label and PUT me away .. A THIRD TIME .. As my cars were stolen one after another all year long and I began to seek out help from authorities; it didn’t take me long to find out I was not calling or speaking to the actual police .. my police report numbers weren’t correct, they had no record of me callling .. and when I found the police I called a few months ago ( who actually showed up) was the nuisance dog/pet line .. and when my roommate for no reason called the police on me a few months ago .. when he hung up I looked at the phone and he had called 1911.. the name of a gun and other personally significant and terrorizing things . Not the police . This has ensued , along with the car thefts and chronologically corresponding radical catstrophies randomly .. about once a month to me for years.. along with random girls I would meet who were in a hard way and needed a place to stay .. each one of them in the end was found to stole money and clothes , impersonated me, stold my ids and wreaked all sorts of havoc.. My websites keep getting stolen one after another,, my accounts keep getting broken into .. people keep joining sites as me , signing me up for sites .. calling me names and basically trying to involve me in anything deragatory while texting me horrendously untrue and sexually demeaning things daily, traumatizing me all day, every day asking or implying incriminating things in an effort to keep me quiet and scared of the only people who could help me while they set the stage for the big production they are waiting to throw . I have done nothing wrong but am daily threatened as they make further advances in their incrimination efforts . have finally proven it all so I can speak of it without being cryptic unless people think I’m crazy and torturing me further. that’s why I started this blog for so long as I lost contact with family and true friends and the outside world and came to live in a state of constant terror as I realized everyone around me was doing ghastly things and somehow in collaboration with one another ; albeit impossible from different walks of life

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