Joso of twitter oso is espanol for BEAR BTW


in reference to the Twitter picture above featuring Steven Caldwel. Once, when I was petitioning my roommate to hurry up and fill out whatever it was that he needed to fill out with the VA so that I can get my caregivers pay. He told me that he had received the application. I still want to just the other day in the mail. I said oh really ?  I had him to hurry up and give it here because I was eager as I still am to be paid but when I open the application and began reading it carefully, I was horrified to see that it was saying that me feeling that out and saying it was giving this company permission to take $100,000 out of his personal bank account and set it aside in an account with my name on it and take it upon himself to send me an amount of it each week to look as if you know, I was getting paid or had a job. My God I would’ve went straight to the big house, but the name on the letter that sit the application, I will never forget it. It was from Steven Caldwel in Missouri.

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