Twitter sparkles n glitters

Do you see what I see?
Ha, I wonder which one that is so crazy. I’m only on one device it is borrowed is mine is fake disabled.

So, let me fill you in a little ; though I hate posting text here, because one of two things is going to occur immediately: the first being as soon as I get done seeing what I am writing/text-to-speeching; it will poof, disappear off the face of the earth. well, at least this Vlog!!! it will just all at once , just the whole entire paragraph fucking disappear and it wasn’t long ago I seen in my settings under switch control. There’s an actual setting to say “erase entire paragraph” or what have you. So knowing that I’m sitting here and someone near me (if not now, ) at least at one point recently is sitting there meticulously plotting to erase everything I write as I write it. I don’t know if this is occurring in syndication parentheses no pun intended parentheses. More of a macro type thing, you know where people order it up in the automation consul beforehand and just say when this action happens, make this action happen!!! For every action there is an equal &opposite reaction … anyway ..right guys.?? Guys? in peoples effort to act out and show off at what is the high point in their life, which is the low point in my life, which is manufactured by an evil Ponzi scheme, but anyway yeah, and their attempts to do this their eagerness to defame and defraud me, lie to me and make me suicidal or whatever, they have forgotten the basic laws of the earth: for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Duh had they remembered that ; we might be looking at a different venue. Or they might be looking at a different venue right now I’m still not looking at shit but a bunch of nefarious shit which paints a picture is painting the picture it’s a masterpiece, which I’m gonna feast my eyes on as a tear it to pieces. Yes the whole little group that hangs out in my phone, terrorizing and snooping on me and trying to set me up for stuff. They are going to puddles& pieces (or like my dear friend Audrey once queerly said to me repeatedly in span of a few hours of one evening, : “ screwed blued and tattooed” at the time it referred to herself, but in all actuality, it was speaking of me, but errr!! Rewind!!! but in all actuality above that actuality, it’s all falling back on her, burr!!!! Cuz unlike Patsy Cline, I do not fall to pieces. Instead, I expand and become facetious. Whether you step in the room or not ha ha

In Chicago my name publicly for many years was Generosa so that means whoever said this is /who is hacking/stalking me has really done their homework, and really knows me well.. or thinks they do ! !

Chicago for years, I was known publicly in as generosa good hand

.. I even owned that URL( I think I still do) so whoe whoever it is having a great old time hacking me and stalking me and defrauding me and fucking with me really really thinks they know me well : they have either studied up on me in my past or they are from my past. I personally think that both of those things are true, I also think they happen to be of a particular faith and have a deep seated psychological hatred not only for me, but most women in general; not understanding them, and wanting to be one…

See the names in the picture above? Remember then cuz they have to do w a post I am posting soon

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