No tocas me mal

You won’t hide in my darkness , you will face the light regardless . you are heartless ; you are culpable; I am gullible-we are not the same. Only faintly your stain remains ; but you are within reach . My soul has promises to keep & lesssons to teach : the first is you practice what you preach
Dog Daddy : specialized training for your “ fur babies”
Don’t touch me wrong

I love this song. When I first heard it last week, I immediately loved everything about it. The rhythm , the style , the lyrics … guitar. I was a bit hesitant at first because whoever my torturer is I.. well I know that they have been using guitar a lot. Why for I’m not certain …. probably because my ex-husband played the guitar ; probably because I like guitar. Who knows? .. anyway.. And who cares? Really at this stage after everything else they’ve done that I have been able to verify and know that I’m not a crazy person. ( well Ivy I may very well be crazy but not in this sense.. I’m accurate.. exceedingly it seems. It’s like every little nibbling thought I had over the course of the last few years.( centuries) has come true or has turned into a fact that was tangible at the very least. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. There are actually more than one person grouping together to F with me anyway, I’m a waste my time elaborating my thoughts on that, because believe it or not. !! Now that I have a tent, knowledge, I could care less about the sordid little details. As for the hackers themselves, fuck them all I think through them all in the same bag, tie it in a k not throw them overboard, and let god sort them out… of course we’re not on the ship, but seeing as all of the veiled references and the storyline and what the ship stands, for it is very unfortunate story of me , I thought it was a funny reference. Fact: I will need something else that stinks besides ships aka vessels.. that is shit! Shit stinks and hope floats, so I know none of y’all will be crossing my Mote.. so mote it be and all that jazz.. hey speaking of jazz.. wait to hear what I have to tell you tomorrow. I know I know I keep posting these little snippet of morsels( I haven’t even fully described what is going on yet or when I have, the pages have been ( not so) mysteriously deleted) promising to come back with a whole the enchilada and shit ..but I will ….tomorrow and who knows maybe THE SUN WILL COME OUT, tomorrow.. but anywho.. there’s never enough time in a day and when you have a person working full-time within your own private domain to keep you from getting sleep and deprive you of basic human necessities & needs .. you’ll see why I am always anxious to go: it’s so I can try to get a few hours of sleep in before he is aroused from his number and decides to take a few more out. It’s always either that or my teeth ! again explain later. Yes it seems there has been an infiltrator among us the whole time Oh, check out my new page on Methoxoate for RA treatment.enlightening !

I’m so tired I can’t stop falling asleep but my mind is so tumultuous

Fordahi = Samadhi ? What with all the fake sam accounts I’ve endured on whatever platform I’ve been haunting .. it’s no wonder this caught my eye immediately