Confessions of my LEGIT currently occuring , chilling & manic ( malicious) misadventure.. premeditated and sinister saga’s with calculating, exasperating Pierre Plotte (by an unwilling & unhappy participant who can’t find the exit or make a call)

Adventures of Pierre Plottiere :: a vengeful and demented seemingly harmless , over emotional ex bank teller who is down on his luck . Raised by wealthy and affluent parents P. Plottier was used to the finer things in life… and getting his way ! He’s meek so he won’t confront you if he perceives some invisible, nonexistentent or (at worst misunderstood & unintentional) slight . Oh but the things he will do are so much more dark , sinister and devious!

A python programmer ( usually) by trade P.Plott’s background & history are at best vague and shady but what we do know is in the past year and a half P Plott has lost his wife and child , his job, home, vehicle and fortunes.. even his freedom . The reasons as to why always produce an abundance of sympathy evoking tears ( which flow endlessly ) but are very nondescript in how they came into origin , why , what , where, etc . Everything seems strangely implausible and off .. and never had a clear reason or any verifiable facts . They can be very confusing as he tells them in fragments here and there and sometimes hurls them verbally at you as some sort of seeming vengeance . When I first met P Plot , I was taken aback by his weirdness and sense of humour and overwhelming display of emotion. We quickly became friends and the weirdest thing about him then was his current job ; he was a bank teller whom never ever went into work. And worked remotely from another state ! I would try to see check stubs, anything but couldn’t ever. Oh and the amount of money he made was INSANE .. like 5,000$ every two weeks . Said he built ai models for the bank, surveyed risk management and made patents . The first contact I received from him ever was an email … and he didn’t mention that but only said he was a data scientist and could probably help me with my “ hacking “ saga.. little did I know.. little did I know ..