Get embedded sdk for iPhone

SDK Installation Options I was right I found it how long I was right !!!! I knew it was embedded on the browser and so some shit was going on in here it is

Option 1. Use Swift Package Manager

To add the frameworks for the Service Chat feature using Swift Package Manager, add a package dependency to your app using the following public URL:

Option 2. Download the XCFramework Files

When using the XCFramework files, you’ll still need to run the supplied  prepare-framework script to strip unneeded architectures from the library before submitting to the app store. The script can be found at this location: $SRCROOT/ServiceCore.xcframework/ios-arm64/ServiceCore.framework/prepare-framework.

Option 3. Get the SDK Using CocoaPods

Installation Instructions

Submitting it to the AppStore? I told everyone I wasn’t crazy! See right here I was a crazy. This was exactly what was happening to me all along. It just happens I know a bunch of losers scumbags your programmers, pretending to be regular loser scum bags.

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