Everyone else is an asshole, mach

Stalkers preferences

this music disturbingly, I found posted in relation to me by the people who are stalking me or are related to that incident. This is getting ridiculous and it should anybody try to make anything literal of which they’re seeing about. They’re going to have a very horrible surprise and likely face their own demise Gee wilikers

My disturbingly, weird and extremely focused roommate who is my roommate against my will, but per my roommates request asked me last year if I could pick him up down by the river. Since we live in Tucson, and there is no river, I asked him what he meant according to all of the weird posts and references to that word I seen online I knew it had to be something to do with something. L
Deeply Disturbed to silence here. I wonder if the $uicideBoy$ could fit into the select genre