I robot


Remember this song from the 80s, Mr. Roboto ? Domo origato? That word is amazingly similar to the word, rigatoni you know the pasta. I have been taking peculiar notice to the similarity of different words lately; their structure ; the number of letters , derivative ( origin) or root word. I’m not upset over it, though there could be worse garbage that I was thinking about

  • no
  • I am tired of every site I visit, my profile’s main page is reflecting devious, abrasive, demeaning , insulting and presumptuous disrespectful bullshit , courtesy of my hackers programming/hacking skills. You do not depress me, or freak me out . You just make me mad/sick at the hoops you will jump through, the tricks you will turn ; the desperate antics you employ constantly that just scream ,Look at me.. look at me.. I’m random people and we don’t like you & are making fun of you. First of all, I know it’s you . Second of all ; I don’t care what people think anyway(especially you) Lastly, the fact that people have nothing better to do than spend hours, creating, and writing programs to alter the pages that I see on the Internet just desperately trying to get some warped point across to me, they are really sorry people who need help; preferably while being incarcerated.  Yeah, here’s a twist for things.. LETS PUT YOU there and see how you fare!!
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