Finishing my last post, I could barely keep my eyes open so with this last little bit of effort I possess I went to close my wP console down and retire for bed ; but as I did all these ideas kept ricochetting in my mind; all the things that I forgot to say earlier. So with some resignation, I began a new post entry and begin waiting for it to buffer so that I could type in there. Ideas ricocheted through my mind ; off of one another and hitting me in the eye, but I was so tired that I dozed off in my unnecessarily long wait for the page to make it self editable . And when I open my eyes some minutes later ; I saw a blank page which was exactly coordinated with my blank mind. Yes, I forgot everything i so desperately wanted to say; those formerly ricocheting thoughts… shooting my eye out ( remember that movie you’ll shoot your eye out you’ll shoot your eye out, Ralphie? Christmas story?) yes so my mind is gonnaneed a break ; all of this dramatic and manufactured stress is an ominous and tedious thing. Malicious . So without anything more to add ; I bid you adieu

PS actually the more I’m reading about bidding and betting and seeing it everywhere I go on the web the joke may actually be on me on that betting comment I made in the above paragraph. I feel like there’s a group of people who secretly watch me and they are having polls and taking bets and bets on my reaction to various crazy crap I am presented with in form of accident or random occurrence ;,I don’t know my response to someone going crazy and blowing up on me constantly trying to affect another thing to happen, you know like a reaction you know like attacking me in a very aggressive and violent manner at 2:16 AM to see what I will do maybe I would call for authorities help and then maybe as I run to answer the door , panicked and grateful for the help; someone throws something illegal on the floor whispering hatefully to themselves .. hi enjoy lock up, you whore? What? I’m not paranoid or crazy? It’s happened before and all the warning signs are hard to ignore. You can see how I could get frozen and afraid to do anything. I feel like Elsa from that YouTube movie, frozen, which I know nothing about except that it canvased my page last year

Oh I know one of the things I was going to say it was that look this is my screen homepage right now on my phone doesn’t resemble a terrible awful lot you the Gaia , the website for making websites ? I’m currently taking those new learning classes on ancient wisdom it offers
.edu pages are all hacked monstrosities on my devices .. .org is no bettter. Nothing is safe least of all me

just a last and it IS last that believe me… anyhoo, you know when I look at my history in a browser there are so many pages which I know I never visited, nor that anyone used my phone to do so ( unless remotely unknowingly to me )) . So that could only mean that I am seeing/visiting pages that are redirected to other ones : I have no idea about it at all until very recently and then only in hindsight.. based upon the other actions of my tortures and their jabs and words, these other pages , they are probably some pretty raunchy pages too probably some really disrespectful crap but AnyWho back to my point , this little game thing .. the point is to display ; to see him of this hacking torture is being done to me. One of the pages found in my history redundantly is . When typing a text to someone earlier and predictive text was coming up . Er…. I didn’t mean someone I meant YouTube ; sorry !:( anyway predictive text came up and Pokémon very closely resembles, the phrase “spoton“ n’est ce pas? Es trey facil, oui? Beaucoup? Haha 🙂 I still haven’t lost my sense of humor, the one thing, which, without the one coin, which, the coin which without my purse would be entirely empty. Nor have I found what I was looking for until recently, I hadnt known I was even looking.

Don’t poison me for God’s Sake