It’s all your fault

You got ahead of yourself

First time it was u instead of someone else

Felt good to have money in ur pocket

Being part of a group

Still I would never do those things to you

Laced cupcakes, tainted food

Crazy personalities with worse attitudes

I think I’m through

Now I sure wouldn’t want to be you

Cuz now you’re bad for you’re own health

How could u do that to somebody else?

But I’m still here.. wave goodbye

Dont put my love upon no shelf

I remember lots of instances, but one specifically stands out in mind. This time I was in the quickmart by Audrea’s house when the clerk looked at me and said .. You better go drink some h2o! Christ even the girl inn quickmart knew.. the chemical hell you were putting me through .. if I could go back I would do it you.. Fate is a much harsher, mistress.. I’m busy I’ve got to handle my business

Which means you no longer have any