Routine maintenance

I opened up my WordPress app to begin blogging, and suddenly thought crap! Fortunately, I realize just in time and switch to the Notion app to begin my blog there(when I post on WordPress if I begin writing my blog under any circumstance within the consul, it deletes it every time as soon as I have amassed a great deal of text. It is the one constant in my life; the one thing I may have faith in, the one thing I know, is sure to occur, no matter what, besides death & taxes of course and in my case…: S/H bullshit. I know in most cases S/H stands for shipping and handling but in my case ,sadly ,it stands for stalking/hacking.

On that subject, I have so much more information but I don’t want to open my mouth and blaspheme this new blog entry by speaking of it ,of the evil that lurks …I want to talk about ,do and be involved in regular things. Period. Some of them could even be natural things, organic would be nice!!! I’m just saying it would be good to get back to normal; even the most basic, and mundane tasks performed in a routine, and dismal manner would be so thrilling for me ! ( upon use of the word routine. Sadly, I realize I do have routine in my life and the fact that is very own routine. That’s my routine .) How does one handle it ,getting up every day and expecting the same thing to occur at the same time every day? You must settle into a comfortable expectancy….you must have a certain amount of comfort; the concept of what will happen in your day tangible knowledge for you. When your door knocks, or rather someone knocks upon it you probably don’t freeze with a look of fear upon your face wondering whether to bolt, hide or what… That must be amazing. And you probably don’t suffer from regular dare I say routine breakdowns and malfunctions of all of your major electronic devices. Your thermostat probably doesn’t go from high and low extremes by itself every day your dishwasher probably doesn’t go on the fritz in a fit every week; your refrigerator does not suddenly stop working for seemingly no reason and ruin all of your food for a month only to start working again the exact moment you move it to the garage as you have finally replaced it with a new one you could not afford… your car must not suffer frequent kidnappings and constant check light problems and tire problems or disappear frequently and randomly… and I bet you never find a map online of how to look in your bedroom windows at what angle or hear people on your roof or strange speaker noises coming from your garage. And I’ll bet the people you know really are your friends and although they are all unrelated, I bet they do not all parrot the same word several times a day on the same day randomly making you fear seeing anyone any day, might start a sentence with the word like parrot or king..( (the birds the word ) The good life I can only sit here, wistful, and imagine what it must be like but I hope to be living it very soon. Hineni Hineni are you there?

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