Local Changes, my culo

I’m not sure what was here ; but I am sure that I put it here and I wanted it here. It was a post that I posted intentionally. My S/H decided it was not to his discretion level ; probably a picture showing proof of his debauchery . So he logged in to MY ACCOUNT and deleted it. Of course they know my login details …I’m the only one who doesn’t know them ! …. there’s that and then there’s the fact that I went to make a profile on Contra today and link to this website ,only to see that it has been moved. It has not been found ? error 404. ? WTF?? I am sick of error 404. I abhor and detest error 404 and I’m going to be knocking some doors down today. 3 doors down just kidding it is not an error but a process put in place by the developer or in my case the Stalker/Torturer