When no one bothers….classic rock ballads are artistic & phenomenalEVEN/DESPITE

The more intel I find the less time of mine I’m inclined to let waste by….

Whatever this list is I found on my phone
When logging into my WordPress account tonight ; momentarily I seen a warning message that wasn’t there before. As often is the case; it disappeared quickly before I could read it; however when I conjured it up again I can still see the red ! There by the sign in, saying that something isn’t right.WTF ? and like I’ve been saying to my hackers( alleged) YOU CANT UNSEE A THING . Once you’ve seen it .. ya know it .. I swear I don’t think I’m actually online at ALL.. except for when they r framing me/or attempting ..whatever fraud.. then, oh yes I’m online and on the phone too ..at those times otherwise, rarely