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sorry I am plagiarizing just text me though, it is the only way for me to accomplish it though.  Lately I noticed on the webpage I go to all flashy, identical, if AirDrop iconnot very similar commercials, over and over again a quick, nor that I started paying attention, and I can kind of follow the timeline that way, as well as with YouTube playlist . They are keen on lists. The duffel door had a slip in the mouth yesterday while he was sitting here running it, and it nonstop fashion ; one skill I will say he’s very good at.. he’s kind of good acting like an artist and real friend but then again you just have to look at him so he’s completely full of shit. . Sometimes when I’m bored or tired, I was like myself got along with his monotonous chain of flattery, and seeming to care talk is done in such a redundant and repetitious manner  I’m sure he’s read some book on mental manipulation, and it has suggested that he do that there people forget that what I don’t know inherently in my clairvoyant makes up for in ways I still don’t even understands

When you sign in to your Apple ID on all of your devices, you can use these Continuity features to move seamlessly between your devices. Click a feature learn more, such as how to automatically unlock your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch, or how to use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac.

AirDrop: Wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

AirPlay video icon

AirPlay to Mac: Share, play, or present content from another Apple device to the screen of your Mac.

Apple Pay logo

Apple Pay: Shop online on your Mac and complete your purchase using Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Unlock icon

Auto Unlock: Get instant access to your Mac when wearing your Apple Watch, and quickly approve other requests to enter your Mac administrator password.

Markup icon

Continuity Markup: Use your iPhone or iPad to add sketches, shapes, and other markup to a Mac document, and see the changes live on your Mac.

Sketch icon

Continuity Sketch: Create a sketch on your iPhone or iPad, and easily insert it into a document on your Mac.

Handoff icon

Handoff: Start work on one device, then switch to another nearby device and pick up where you left off.

Hotspot icon

Instant Hotspot: Connect to the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) from your Mac, iPad, or another iPhone, without entering a password.

Phone icon

iPhone Cellular Calls: Make and receive calls from your Mac or iPad when those devices are on the same network as your iPhone.

Sidecar icon

Sidecar: Use your iPad as a second display that extends or mirrors your Mac desktop. Or use it as a tablet input device to draw with Apple Pencil in Mac apps.

Speech bubble

Text Message Forwarding: Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your iPhone on your Mac or iPad.


Clipboard icon

Universal Clipboard: Copy content such as text, images, photos, and videos on one Apple device, then paste the content on another Apple device.

Universal Control icon

Universal Control: Use the keyboard, mouse, or trackpad of your Mac to control up to two other nearby Mac or iPad devices, and work seamlessly between them.

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( what the fuck ? You see that time slot above ? they didn’t even fill out the time slot and put appropriate time of day? I’m pretty sure 99% of everything I read is a wiki publication and is based on some bullshit rewritten 20 times from five years ago.))
Again if there is a real person reading this please comment a unique and direct comment so I could have some relief and know that there is someone real!! But alas, I don’t have hope .

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problems in my life : I am not really online most of the time, and when I am, I am constantly harassed by fake people who exist within a group within my phone on a PlayStation right up my data bill and invading my privacy and making fun of me

placeholder:// all day long. They’re also hiding commercials in my vlogs and just altering the data completely. I think they’re stealing money from everything possible and every account. I think they steal money from me acting as the Apple App Store also.. someday is it tries for $600….24 hours a day; it tires to withdraw money , there’s also some thing going on with advertising there is nothing but pages and pages of advertising text over my phone and I get 100 ‘s hundreds of false emails and advertisements a day and I have a suspicion that somewhere on some level, my accounts are sending out mass emails.. email which is going to get me in trouble ! For other things, I already see my elderly roommate setting the stage it is positively awful. I can do all the work and manage his finances, but I cannot get paid or signed up legally through the government right ??

I seen a link the other day , get posted on Reddit with my name in it and when I went and clicked on it, it went to one of those local hook up dating apps and like 100 other pages popped up. I need this over with I need some help.!!! Indeed, I am a prisoner. I like to say indeed, because they mock me everywhere for saying that , saying this :: saying anything really.. they want t me to feel really self-conscious too.. and have really bad self-esteem to an a go to great lengths to try to accomplish this I mean dozens of fake accounts, making offhand remarks, and not so veiled, references it towards that towards me in any capacity every day , of course I don’t.  Feel good about it. It is very terrible reading nonstop shit about yourself every day and having the problem that I have with the rash which I know is a man-made and purposeful saying.  but the same time I know it’s not true and all those accounts are fake and I don’t even know anybody to talk about me it would be no rational reason why a whole bunch of strangers on the Internet would be talking about me they just want me to think that but I don’t. I just know that anybody is talking bad about me, including the hacker makes me feel shitty. .. back to the rash .. One example is it is a weeping rash, a little like poison ivy, and Scott and Drew we’re going to help me believe that it’s not a rash but ugly ugly ZITS !! like nothing but zits!! Scott also made several references to ” your zits”  andrew gave me a blackhead cream and wrinkle lotion. Those two are my only friends and of course they’re not friends at all.  How terrible why would someone want to do this to somebody I’ve never done anything to be very nice to both of them people to anybody really. I’m just hurting because I keep making lots of notes and story proof of my phone but it keeps being deleted or missing my phone is never working and haven’t you just want to scotch with a total set up and I can’t get to anywhere to talk to anybody because all my cars are stolen. I’m gonna call the police station and make a report. I find out some months later that I never even talk to them did who the hell did I call? Oh, and they have started my teeth! 😦 I caught Scott putting toilet bowl cleaner in. My “” so it’s no wonder!:( well, I’m writing this when I could’ve took about four hours to get some sleep because I am not allowed to sleep at all anymore. I mean it is a full-time job all these handlings and dealings with me and I’m going to start to be more of a problem I hope.

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