Recap of two costars Torid on screen chemistry ..

Shields said that, in addition to the many naked scenes, everyone wanted the co-stars to date off-screen. She claimed she had never “really kissed anybody by that age.”

She revealed, “What I remember, too, is that they wanted us so desperately to fall in love with each other. It also struck me because I remember thinking, ‘Hey, let us just get to know each other first rather than trying to make us fall in love with each other and force the situation.’ And I did not react well to being forced into feeling anything. I wanted to be left a little bit to my own.”

Atkins, who emphasized that he was 18 at the time and Shields was only 14, had nothing but praise for his former co-star, even though the two never actually dated in real life.

He recalled, “The chemistry between us was just amazing. There were a lot of great, great moments that went on there. I think a lot of that innocence that came off in the film made it work even more.”

It is great to feel chemistry with someone , isn’t it? It’s something I haven’t experienced in quite some time; but when it last effected me, oh how did it ! It can screw up your whole equilibrium, suck you in and spit you out on the floor. And when it is suddenly ripped away ; yeah, no good.

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