Green Sky , criminally

My roommate got a phone call today from” Greensky”, one of his creditors. He entered it himself. I was in my room anyway. They proceeded to tell him that he has missed two payments, and they needed money right away now he never misses bills. He always pays on time, but he’s been having some problems with his account and we knew he had missed a payment . Furthermore, He hates to talk on the phone with these people & just wanted to get it over. He came, is doing my doorway which is his coast of now, and waited for the lady to get ready to except his payment. Somehow the phone hung up and disconnected his call; which is good news for us. Exasperated he asked if I would call him back and pay him so that he can go to his computer and watch porn. (That’s what he does.) I said, OK I looked at the caller ID 😦 to see that I did not say green sky, but just some obscure 833 number I googled the number which came back as Bella escort agency and green eyes escort out of Denver. what the hell I thought! So I told my roommate us who didn’t understand or want to be bothered with it, and so I did what I thought was right I looked at greens skys number off of the browser, which was different than the one he had stored in his phone exasperation I finally settled for the one he had saved in his contacts and paid them. What the hell is going on with everyone trying to rip off our seniors. It’s just like the hacker situation which has been played with my mind. Their main goal is to fuck with my mind so I try not to think too much into the situation because I’m sure it’s relative and normal peoples lives crazy unspeakable things don’t happen one after another in quick succession. Rarely one catastrophic crazy event occurs in a lifetime. The chance that two separate events that are nrelated could occur in such a quick succession ; is nearly impossible.