Well Bully , you’re such an angel but you’re done .. all those coffee posts on Facebook

An example of the literature base torture I’ve been during like base 64 ha ha just kidding if I could see behind the screen and see the author however, I do think that my Spidey sense is letting me see who it is

Its pretty methed up

The mushroom

I’ve figured out all of the things that are hacking me.. a lot of small time harassers involved . But that’s the reason all of my computers have had octopus on s a data scraping program from china . And then there is the Chinese lettering or numerology or whatever . The jokes and the games they all have meaning ., each weird term someone says to me is actually rubbing in my face the technology with which Im being hacked and subjugated ..they torture and haras me there is some kind of calling spam set up on my phone .. they steal my websites .. I believe t they are doing credit card fraud in my name . They have stold four cars and keep me under lock n key mostly for years now. I just got all of the data found last night . Two years of studying to figure it out ..

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