I want to push you around

I have anger than a 2 Packard billy goat lately. I thought that my blogs aren’t getting . I thought that my blogs weren’t getting red but when I seen the process involved and keeping them for me red I just got so mad they really ruined the week of mine we’re nothing else was wrong I could have had a new troll possible week but so mad was I about these people doing this I could do it sit around and invision all the different injustices I wish I could magically and mentally inflict upon them..true! So anyway…not only are they making my business and sales absolutely non existent but they’re wasting all my time and effort I have put into starting business after business after business. On top of that they’re stealing all money;; I get an mail they are, and opening credit cards in my name and ruining my credit and self; impersonating me. I must admit I even thought that should the Austin Texas sniper have put himself in this instance , he could have been more justified in his heinous actions.. Ha-ha just kidding ; seriously kidding! I’ll joke though I seriously hope justice gets served. From now on I will be keeping hush hush on the subject though you can find updates on my hacker page . A woman has to keep some secrets or else my purse will be entirely empty( , I totally copie that statement off of Stephen King , the one statement about the purse..). I also confirmed my worst nightmare :my blogs are not stored on the hard drive and/or any of my computers they are on hyper virtual drives and on portable devices god knows where so I actually do not own any of my content, isn’t that some ballsy shit? I’m fixing it.. ( i only have one half working laptop…15 destroyed or stolen this year)

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