Been here, done that, f$&k that

et to 3, LLB and iBoot will give debug output over serial while booting or while in Recovery Mode. This allows you to see things like the list of firmware images in flash and the information that it output whilst the LCD is initialized (ie. pre-“Recovery Mode” output).

Note that as a consequence, when set to 3, output over USB may be very choppy for reasons that have not yet been investigated.

As of iOS 9, the output appears as two hex strings: the first string is the filename, and the second is the line number. This means that in order to view the log output, the latest revision of the iBoot source is required.

That is probably of no interest to you .. It is of no interest to me, or used to be; this, since I started this as a way to catalog all the evidence and stuff, I find out my journey to understand what is happening with this damned devices of mine; we had to tolerate the occasional random blurbs and odd rankings I post.. the situation is always leaving me on one weird diatribe or another .. I’ve blindly pieced enough of the puzzle together to know it was as I thought it was from the beginning, dubious, interstitial, evil,inside and far outside. But no one or no thing is beyond my reach.; once I decide I want to reach. And believe me like the Depeche Mode song I’m ready to reach out and touch faith( something else/ dark insidious i.e.: something which might require a pesticide)

The above photo is of a photo of some settings I found on my phone once I left my house and it’s horrible nonspecific and all invasive power of WiFi .. not even my phone my phone is disabled and pretend activation lock mode and so I’m having to borrow a friend of mine and I’m trying to get my phone working as fast as possible and said we won’t because it’s not really broken return screen. How do you suggest I go about getting this fixed