One Love mi nalgas!

Upgrade to Google One from Gmail, Drive, or Photos

With Google One:

  • You get more storage for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.
  • You can call or chat with experts for answers to your Google related questions.
  • You receive extra benefits to get more out of Google.
  • You can share your membership with up to 5 family members.

What changes when you upgrade

You receive extra storage through your Google One membership. This storage becomes your new storage limit. You no longer buy storage through Google Drive. Learn how your existing storage works with Google One.

After you purchase storage

  • It can take up to 24 hours for the storage to be available. You can check your storage here.
  • If your storage is incorrect, to check if your payment went through, sign in to your Google Account.
  • If you bought storage through Photos, Gmail, or Drive, you must manage your account there. You can’t make changes to your Google One account via the Google One app.
  • If the payment went through, it has been 24 hours since you purchased storage, and your storage is still not correct, contact us.

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