Fake urls

m.letras.mus.br/killdevil/yo-tambien-me-odio/traducao.html I was watching this video YO TAMBIEN ODIO or in English; I hate me too.  I want to make sure I had the lyrics right so I googled lyrics and followed the easiest link I found. while I was on the site ( link above) what astonishment I seen that it was really CIFRACLUB.ID wtf??  since I’m hacked. I’ve been very afraid of something like this happening I thinking I am on one site and  I am really on another one : so I looked it up; it’s not so nice so I googled the site. This is the results very drastic responses, huh.. now who would want to layer my pages so it would look like I was visiting one thing when I was visiting another? SUSIO!  A sucio for sure ! Someone wanting me to look bad! Also, I found pornographic images of midget cross dressers in my phone history. This is it.

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