You’re g@d damned right. You got me. I’ve been the real danger all along . You’re a chorus cut from my song .

I’ve been on my own , hiding away . Hearing what nothing had to say . Not one more nothing not one more day . Since there is no one else.. I have to love myself. The walls keep changing color , the shadows give me honor. Waiting for someone this time real .. to let me demonstrate how I feel . And I feel so much ; waiting to feel your touch . Is it you? I’ve been through so much . Come get something real I’m ready for some real love . Too many fools I’ve had enough. Empty hearts n emptying pockets creatures of discust. I need someone I can trust . I do. Send your location or come through .

Deception so dismal and deep beyond perception . There was no second guessing I guess you taught me a lesson. How deviant and twisted with so many heartless grabbing hands , I needed a whiteboard to make it chronological , I needed to know evil to understand . once the blunder was removed ; the stupidest of calculated moves ..… I began seeing the eager evil seagerly spreading smut everywhere just like it did before . Then I sat back traumatized remembering it piece by piece down tho that I’ll found form . My photograohic memory won’t let me forget .. the realtor the janitor